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Hi Kartheka,

Are you sure that the information provided is true??? Because, i had received this as a SMS sometime back. I even forwarded a message in an emergency situation to the number and in turn got a reply from the same number saying it is a personal mobile number and nothing related to blood.

(Suggestion: You can call up and check the numbers, whenever you receive messages of such kind. So that you will find for yourself that most of the SMS are not true. I'm suggesting this to you out of my personal experience. By doing this you can also stop the chain of false information spreading across)

And request you to check the authenticity before posting it in a public forum.

Warm Regards,
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Hi Uma,


Below are my suggestions.,

1, Browse Naukri/monster/timesjob.
2, Search for similar openings / similar companies which your consultancy deals with.
3, Make a note of the hot positions in the market similar your mode of business.
4, Try gathering the details of HR people who posted the jobs.
5, Get connected to the numbers which they have given.
6, Mail across your ppt / details of your consultancy to that particular person.
7, Follow up with them and find out the status, fix up an appointment & meet them to express your business & needs in detail.
8, Fix up a self-target, speak with lot of people (HR) about your consultancy and business. Try to meet them by person and if possible give them a handout/pamphlets explaining your org's business and process and be very clear as why the company should give requirements to you and what is so special about your consultancy.

Hope the above points are of some use to you. Do let me know if you need any clarifications in this regards.

Warm Regards,
Hi Folks,

I have clearly mentioned in the JD that we are looking for a candidate who is residing in & around chennai. Hence, i may be able to process only the profiles of people who are applying from chennai. I will let you know if at all i come across any openings that fits your interests.

Warm Regards,
Good initiative Uma (thanks for posting it), you can also try spending some time for this noble cause. Invite your friends too, it would be a great help at this point in time. :)
Please do call me when you are in front of your system/access job portal.. I will try to help you out.. :)
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Hi Raghav,

That was a great post. Very informative, people should definitely make use of this facility. Fortunately, it's been almost 6 years since i stopped using mtc :). But, will forward this message to all my friends who are regularly facing problems in MTC..

Thanks for sharing.

Warm Regards,
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Hi Niranjan,

A warm welcome to you., Have a happy new year :)

Warm Regards,
Hi Ram,

Sorry for the delay in wishing you on the great occasion. I was a bit busy these days. Anyways, may god bless you with lots of joy & prosperity through out your life. May all your dreams come true on the days ahead, Wish you have a wonderful, blessed & a blissful journey of life from now on.. Belated Birthday & New Year wishes.. Have a great year ahead.. :)

Warm Regards,
Sorry ANIKA (not Ankita) :)
Hi Ankita,

As suggested by Pradeep, please go through the link, which have various views.. adding on to it, you can set a theme & ask people of that particular bay/floor/cabin to decorate their place according to that theme, the best fitting bay / floor can be gifted with something. By doing this, you will find for yourself the motivation & team work. You can set a weekly / monthly newsletter, ask for volunteers for editing works. You can invite people to write short stories, jokes, poems & share their interesting experiences. Publish it on the notice boards / promote it online (internal). Best articles can be awarded, you will find a lot of differences & bring in togetherness. Even business notes, achievements, best performances, innovative ideas of process improvements & other things that needs to be highlighted can be a part of this newsletter, this will give high energy/motivation for the employees to see their names getting published through some medium.

@ birthday celebrations instead of presenting greeting cards, you can purchase a white or any light colour T-shirts, ask all the staffs / team members to sign in the t-shirt & gift it to the b'day baby after cake cutting & b'day bums celebrations are over ;). Also ask him to wear it & take group photos. This idea will definitely be touching & it will be a gift & celebration which will be at his/her mind forever..

Hope the above ideas are of some use to you. Share your experience/ideas, so that we can also learn new things.

Warm Regards,
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