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Dimensions of making a Difference
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Posted 25-05-2017Reply

How Did You Add Value This Week? - A Quick Checklist

As a team member and business professional you must create and add real value on an ongoing basis -- every day. Your job must be one that is truly necessary to the success of your employer and you must continue to perform your job in a truly exemplary way.

Consider the questions below as you reflect on what YOU did THIS WEEK to add value to your organization, your clients and customers, your team members and your relationships:

• Assistance.

Who did I help immensely with a project or significant task this week?

• Advice.

With whom did I share some meaningful and sincere advice this week?

• Thanks.

Who did I sincerely thank this week? Did I send them a handwritten "thank you" note?

• Results.

What impactful results did I achieve at work this week? Who is aware of those results?

• Referrals.

Which two (or more) of my network contacts did I connect together this week for a meaningful purpose.

• Problem-Solving.

What specific problems did I help solve for others this week?

• Kindness.

To whom did I extend a "random act of kindness" this week?

• Lasting Impression.

With which of my clients did I create a truly remarkable and memorable experience this week and create a lasting impression?

• Recognition.

Who did I recognize this week for excellent performance or a job well done? Did I recognize them in a meaningful and memorable manner?

• Bottom Line.

How did I positively effect the "bottom line" of my company this week? Did I do something specific to either save costs or generate revenues?

Maintain a notepad and note down these points as and when they happen. They act as Energizers on a daily basis and solid points to discuss during your annual appraisal...



Source: AUTHOR: Andy Robinson http://careersucces s.typepad. com/my_weblog/ 2010/03/how-

Source: AUTHOR: Andy Robinson http://careersucces s.typepad. com/my_weblog/ 2010/03/how-
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