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Local » Chennai » Volunteers for reading session in chennai !!!!

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Volunteers for reading session in chennai !!!!
Uma Picture
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Posted 22-03-2010Reply

Dear all,

For this academic year, we just got 5 to 6 Sundays of reading session. After that, we will have our reading session resumed post July 2010.

Your valuable presence will be highly appreciated as it would help our VC friends take up their semester exams with ease.

Request you to canvass your friends & colleagues as much as you could and bring in more volunteers who could read “Tamil” language.


For those who do not have access to internet at office, below the details as available in the above URL.

Every Sunday at Padma Seshadri Bala Bavan School [PSBB], Habibulla Road, T Nagar, Chennai, reading session for Visually challenged [VC] students is being conducted. All you need to do is, just drop in at the above said venue and read out the study material brought in by the students.

Since most of the VC students who come here belong to Tamil medium, Volunteers who could read Tamil language are predominantly needed. Having said so, English reading volunteers are also required to little extent in a ratio of 90:10.

The session would start exactly at 10.00 am on every Sunday and ends up at 12.30 pm noon.


1. What if I am not familiar with Tamil language?

You can still volunteer yourself to assist students on English.

2. Do I need to bring text books along with me?

No, the students will bring their own materials.

3. Do I need to be a member of any Charitable trusts or clubs to volunteer to this activity?

No, not at all required.

4. How many students will be assigned to a reader?

It depends upon the batch those students belong to. It may be 1 to 1 or 1 to many.

5.If I am a new comer, Do I need to register to volunteer?

No, not necessary. Just walk in.

6. Can I bring my friends along with me who could also volunteer?

Yes, you can bring friends along with you.

7. Will I be paid any sum for this activity?

No, you wont be paid. Its an 100% self volunteer program.

8. Which organisation/trust actually run this?

Sathya Sai samiti, T. Nagar, Chennai.

9. Bus route?

Valluvarkottam bus stop. [47,147,17,147,10,9 bus series]

10. Venue: Padma Seshadri Bala Bavan, YGP Auditorium, Habibulla Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 17.

11. Landmark: Vidhyodhaya School, Habibulla Road,T Nagar [Close by Valluvarkottam Signal].

12. What if I come by Train?

Get down at T Nagar railway station >> Walk down T Nagar Bus Terminus >> Either get a Bus or Share Auto to Valluvar kottam bus stop >> Ask for Habibulla Road - PSBB school.

13. Google map to locate the venue:


[Please copy & paste the above URL in the address bar of your browser and press enter]


Below the photo link to have an understanding of what & howz happening at the reading session.


[Please copy & paste the above URL in the address bar of your browser and press enter]



Source: Referred by Mr.Swaminathan
Kartheka Picture
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  Rated +1 | Posted 26-03-2010


Will Surely share this info to as many as I can.

Thanks for sharing dear........


Kartheka R

Swaminathan Picture
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  Rated +2 | Posted 02-04-2010

Good initiative Uma (thanks for posting it), you can also try spending some time for this noble cause. Invite your friends too, it would be a great help at this point in time. :)

Harish Picture
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  Rated 0 | Posted 02-04-2010

Well done Uma,

I wish I was from Chennai.

Good luck.

Claudia Picture
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  Rated +2 | Posted 02-04-2010

Hi Uma,
You're bringing to our attention another great initiative.

I already forwarded this to a friend from Chennai who owns a medical clinic and a laboratory.

Uma Picture
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  Rated 0 | Posted 02-04-2010

@ Mr.Harish & Ms.Claudia

The credit goes to our friend Swaminathan, he was the person who mailed me the details. :)

Claudia Madam,Thanks for circulating among your Friends.


Hema Picture
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  Rated 0 | Posted 05-04-2010

Hi Uma,

Thats gr8 intiative you taken. Good. Keep it up.


Uma Picture
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  Rated +1 | Posted 12-04-2010

Dear Friends

As said by our friend swami, i checked in with the concerned person.

The is more demand for the Tamil Volunteers.

I Request you to pass on this message to your friends circle who will be ready to give their support for this noble cause.

The session is scheduled for 18th & 25th of April.

Again the reading session will start from June end (will intimate you the dates once its confirmed).

Thank You.


Balaji Picture
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  Rated 0 | Posted 15-05-2010

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