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Local » Trivendrum » "Attemp may fail but never fail to make an attempt"

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"Attemp may fail but never fail to make an attempt"
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Posted 13-11-2009Reply

In 1870 a creative engineer named John Roebling thought of building a spectacular bridge connecting New York and Long Island

He shared his idea with his colleques and bridge building experts. But they didn't take him seriously. Instead they laughed at him saying , " Its a crazy idea, just absurd"

But John Roebling already had a vision of the bridge imprinted deep in his mind. He just can't ignore his vision.

Washington Roebling , son of John Roebling was an upcomming engineer and the father shared his dream with his son. Together they developed an outline of building the bridge

The project started off well with lots of excitement but in between an accident took place at the work site.

Many were injured and it took the life of John Roebling. Washington Roebling was left in a total disability stage.

He was completely paralyzed. He cant walk talk or even move.

There was adverse comments from all sides. No one took their side.

Every one was more interested in throwing stones.

Even though Washington was crippled only his body was inert.

He was never discouraged. His young wife Emyley took his side.

She never stopped believing her husband.

The greatest miracle was that Washington was able to move his little finger.

That was a message for him "not to give up".

Utilizing this finger the couples developed a code of communication between them.

Using the little finger he expressed his wish to see his crew and once again start the unfinished job.

For the next 13 years using the little finger through his wife Washington Roebling communicated to the world to fullfill his dream.

By 1883 , Brooklyn bridge was born and opened for the public

Today as the bridge stands all in its glory it is an epitome of a man's never die attitude. He build the bridge with his little finger , defeating his disability when half of the world considered him to be mad. His circumstance was overthrown by his determination, passion and persistance.

"Whatever the circumstance this man never failed to make an attempt to fulfill his dream".

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  Rated 0 | Posted 13-11-2009

All marvel starts with crazy ideas, thats why some fall and some make history.Good thing to remember in this rat race...

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  Rated +1 | Posted 13-11-2009

Rekha , This is really a very motivational story. Thanks for sharing.

A successful person holds the ability to use failure in a way that drives success. Many successful people thrive on failures. In a sense, failure serves as a catalyst to fine tunes their strategy for success. From that experience, they are able to eliminate what stands in the way of their vision, devising a new plan to solve problems and achieve goals.

"Failure is indeed a part of Success."


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  Rated +1 | Posted 17-11-2009

Hi Rekha

Very inspiring story..... Thanks for sharing.

"There is no failure except in no longer trying"


Kartheka R

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  Rated 0 | Posted 24-11-2009

Awe-inspiring story Rekha.
Thank you so much for sharing!

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