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Excellent post. Thanks for sharing.
Replied to "Add me" in Introduce Yourself!!
Welcome Raj...
I definitely believe that you will find this site refreshing rewarding and rejuvenating..........and people like Claudia and Arun make it very lively with their views and support........glad that you have now become one among our growing HRLink family.

Best Wishes,
Replied to "Happy Birthday Claudia!" in Birthday Wishes!!
I give to you... *
an encouraging nudge,
a giggle to share,
a shoulder to lean upon.
*I wish for you... *
a welcome of hope every morning,
a whisper of joy mid afternoon,
a sunset to inspire before bed.
*I pray for you...*
a hand to hold,
a warm embrace to remember,
a true love to experience.
May your dreams guide you to success,
Your days be full of friendships and love,
And your life be as fulfilling as you have made for everyone!
Looking back on the months gone by,
As a new year starts and an old one ends,
We contemplate what brought us joy,
And we think of our loved ones and our friends.

Recalling all the happy times,
Remembering how they enriched our lives,
We reflect upon who really counts,
As the fresh and bright new year arrives.

And when I ponder those who do,
I immediately think of you all my dear friends....

Wishing you all a very special new year!
Replied to "Happy Birthday Pradeep!" in Birthday Wishes!!
Claudia, Kartheka, Sri Manjari, Suresh and all my friends who wished me on my Birthday,
It is you friends and your wonderful heartfull wishes which made my day more beautiful, bright and lovely. So friends, how can I reciprocate except with a mere thanks which is not at all enough for all your affection and love. Thank you so much from bottom of my heart and you all remain in my heart forever till my last breathe as my true friends.
Your wishes gave me lot of inspiration to come back to HRLink and today I'm born again.
Hi Nimali!
Your views are like a whiff of fresh air in this world where HR has become passe' but there are still many organizations which do practice progressive HR policies but they are very less due to many reasons. Most of the companies as rightly pointed out by you use HR as just a fancy department which deals with all kind of sundry jobs like housekeeping, security, payroll, discipline and blah blah which can be done by any professional and it doesn't require any expertise in HR.
I have seen many companies where HR is being used as a nominal department where routine or trivial matters get importance. The lack of support of top management who are more hell bent on earning profits at any cost without caring for the human resources use HR for all sundry jobs. Even if they care, that too is aimed at boosting their image or to create the necessary hype on HR in market for taking their business forward which is ultimately aimed at raking in profits. HR is being used as a Public Relation tool for many organizations and the importance of HR is recognized by some very professional organizations like Deloitte and others where true importance is given to HR. It is time that Government also should give enough support to HR and encourage it appropriately.
Thank you so much Nimali for bringing out all those bitter facts which are very correct and I completely agree with your views.
Thank you so much Shipra.
Hi Harish!
That is a good initiative and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. We can really have a check on hate mails, obscene and spam mails by tracking the people who are posting them. This should be a lesson to those who think that they can easily get away after posting all the nonsense by throwing all ethics and morals to winds.
Kudos to RK, Claudia, Manjari, Harish and other friends who stand by virtues and morals. You all did it again by taking up the cudgels and launching the much needed "Cleanse Up Operation" to restore the sanctity of the site. I appreciate all your efforts whole heartedly and I stand by all of you to make this site as more friendly, truly professional and highly useful site till the end.
It was quite painful to see all the trash that is being dished out in the guise of of 'professionalism' so far for last so many days killing the decency, etiquette and what not. Eventually, arrogance and superflous pride have to bite the dust. Let the good prevail over the evil.
I'm not going to mince any words to unequivocally condemn all the deeds of so called members of this most admirable site to make it unpopular for their selfish gains. They have to remember that virtues and morals do not come by words but through deeds and actions. The deeds and actions tell the whole story and those who have applauded the 'words' of so called 'professionals' have to open their eyes wide and see for themselves how they are behaving and how they are projecting their real skin now-so don't get carried away by these sweet words of wolves in sheeps clothing. Beware of them and condemn the 'words' as well as 'deeds' of these wolves in all possible ways. They have no identity and above all there is no room for them on this site which stands for higher standards of professionalism and ethics.
Keep it up RK! Bravo!!
Replied to "Earth Hour" in Gossip!!
Conservation of energy and other means to save this planet should be the priority of all people irrespective of regions. It's not that we alone have to do this but a lot of awareness has to be spread across so that more and more people join hands together for saving the earth from all threats.
Thank you Claudia for sharing.
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