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hi harish
Yes i did some googling and got it from the same link which u mentioned, i copied it to paste and then post it, but i was working on something at the same time so i missed it.

I would see to it that this would not repeat next time

Hi Harish
Hope this might help you in Employee Retention (Women)

An organization’s productivity is measured not in terms of employee satisfaction but by employee engagement. Employees are said to be engaged when they show a positive attitude toward the organization and express a commitment to remain with the organization.

Organizations that believe in increasing employee engagement levels focus on:

It consists of a foundation of leadership, vision, values, effective communication, a strategic plan, and HR policies that are focused on the employee.

Continuous Reinforcement of People-Focused Policies:
Continuous reinforcement exists when senior management provides staff with budgets and resources to accomplish their work, and empowers them.

Meaningful Metrics:
They measure the factors that are essential to the organization’s performance. Because so much of the organization’s performance is dependent on people, such metrics will naturally drive the people-focus of the organization and lead to beneficial change.

Organizational Performance:
It ultimately leads to high levels of trust, pride, satisfaction, success, and believe it or not, fun.

Increasing employee engagement
Provide variety: Tedious, repetitive tasks can cause burn out and boredom over time. If the job requires repetitive tasks, look for ways to introduce variety by rotating duties, areas of responsibility, delivery of service etc.

Conduct periodic meetings with employees to communicate good news, challenges and easy-to-understand company financial information. Managers and supervisors should be comfortable communicating with their staff, and able to give and receive constructive feedback.

Indulge in employee deployment if he feels he is not on the right job. Provide an open environment.

Communicate openly and clearly about what's expected of employees at every level - your vision, priorities, success measures, etc.

Get to know employees' interests, goals, stressors, etc. Show an interest in their well-being and do what it takes enable them to feel more fulfilled and better balanced in work and life.

Celebrate individual, team and organizational successes. Catch employees doing something right, and say "Thank you."

Be consistent in your support for engagement initiatives. If you start one and then drop it, your efforts may backfire. There's a strong connection between employees' commitment to an initiative and management's commitment to supporting it.

Pradeep Vinapamula
Hello Sahithi
Please find the below mentioned answer for the question "What is your understanding about recruitment"?

(Company Name) is committed to help jobseekers find a career that will best suit their skills and experience. Recruitment process is designed to help us identify qualified applicants and present them with career opportunities that match their credentials. Each stage is used to assess specific criteria and acts as a gateway to the next stage.

Submit your application
You have several options for sending us your application

E-mail us:
Send your resume to the mail id(company id mentioned in the job posting) Indicate the reference code CS09 and the position you are applying for
in the subject line.
Visit our recruitment centers (for recent graduates and contact
center agent applicants only)

The pre-employment exam is a requirement for all recent graduates. This exam will help assess your analytical and numerical abilities.

Applicants who are interested in a role in BPO Services will also be required to complete a series of language tests.

Experienced professionals interested in career opportunities other than customer contact services are not required to take the pre-employment exam and voice tests and will be invited to proceed with a series of job interviews.

HR interviews
You will have 1-2 interviews with an HR professional. This is the time for you to present your achievements and your involvement in extra-curricular activities.
Be prepared to answer questions about your previous work experiences and outside interests.
Ensure that you are prepared to provide examples of times when you performed particularly well, achieved good results or overcame obstacles. Each interview lasts for about 30 minutes.

*After the HR interviews, recent graduates may proceed with the medical exam.
Experienced professionals or applicants with previous work experience will be required to complete the skills interviews.

Skills interview:
You will be invited to one or more interviews with leads from the department you are interested in.
The person interviewing you could be your future boss.
You will be asked about your professional experience and your soft skills will be examined.
You can also clarify your detailed questions regarding work at the organization

Medical Exam
We want to ensure that you are at the best of health so we require that you go through a medical examination conducted by an accredited clinic. Get the referral slip from your HR or skills interviewer and complete the physical exam. Once complete, submit the medical certificate to your interviewer.

Typically, the entire recruitment process can be completed within two to three weeks. For some candidates, however, this may extend to a longer period depending on the current talent demand, the availability of a position that matches the candidate’s skill and level, and the availability of the candidate for interviews.

At the end of the process successful candidates receive an offer. Upon acceptance of a job offer, make sure you complete and submit the required documents that will permit you to work

Please feel free to call or mail me for any further clarifications

Thanks & Regards
Pradeep Vinapamula

Replied to "When is your Birth Date...???" in Humor!!
Hi All

My birthday falls on November 18th. Am a Scorpion.

Replied to "HR Mannual" in Human Resource Management!!
Thanks a lot for your reply Shipra
Replied to "HR Mannual" in Human Resource Management!!
Hi Rashmi

I would post the HR Manual for your reference, kindly go through it and let me know. You can make the necessary changes that are required by you in the Manual as per your company rules.

Replied to "Employee Validation Sheet" in Best HR Practices!!
Hey Aiswarya

I have posted the Background verification form and Procedures followed by Various companies long time back in "Best HR Practices". U can search there and will find many more articles

Replied to "Ten Tips To Boost Your Interview IQ!" in Interviews!!
Informative Post........... Manjari, Keep the good work
Replied to "Personal File of Employee " in Best HR Practices!!
hi Shipra

I see everyone equal, Sure will post information related to recruiters which will be useful and handy.

Replied to "Sample Appraisal Form " in Best HR Practices!!
Hi Vincent

I did work but hasnt worked full fledged. Let me check in my yahoomail if i could find this form as i have around 375 mails. so need to chk each and every thing

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