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ISP companies in India
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Posted 17-04-2009Reply

Hi Deepa

As per your request am hereby listing down the following ISP companies in India

There are in all 183 operating Internet Service Providers in India.

Of them 41* ISPs (listed below) have all-status.

ISPs having all-India licence include As on Apri 13, 2004



RPG Infotech

Essel Shyam Communications


Siti Cable Network

Gateway Systems (India)

World Phone Internet Services


Guj Info Petro

Hughes Escorts Communications

Astro India Networks


Primus Telecommunications India


RailTel Corporation

Data Infosys


Jumpp India

L&T Finance

HCL Infinet

Primenet Global

Tata Internet Services

Tata Power Broadband

Bharti Infotel

Pacific Internet India

In2Cable (India)

Reliance Engineering Associates

BG Broad India

Swiftmail Communications

Estel Communication

Bharti Aquanet

Trak Online Net India

Spectra Net

Reach Network India

i2i Enterprise

Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra)

Comsat Max

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Corporation

HCL Comnet Systems and Services

Harthway Cable

Incase u need anymore details on ISP Providers please feel free to call me on 09010615893

Warm Wishes


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