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I am really a big fan of your posts Govind Sir. You always come up with a very helpful and valuable thing for all of us which make sense in taking a look at it. Yet another great post. Thanks for sharing it.
It sounds like a great workshop. It will certainly boost up skills of those people who are in sales department. I will definitely forward this message to my sales staff. Thanks for sharing it.
Thanks Vinod for highlighting this sexual harassment of women at workplace act 2013 with us. Harassment rate is quite in our country and some strict rules and punishment should be imposed on the culprits.
Its a great scheme for all the differently abled people. This will surely boost their spirits and motivate them to work with a big smile on their face. Thanks for sharing your another great post.
Thanks Govind for sharing this job opening link with us for graphics and web designers.
Replied to "Uncommon in common man" in Motivation!!
For sure vitalsmart. He surely will do some great and fantastic work for people later on too during his reign as Chief Minister of Delhi. Recently releasing a Help line no. to stop corruption is a big step, this will surely bring a fear in heart of those persons who tries to take or give bribe. Great!! Really an amazing display of a politics from a common but not so common man.
Great article Soni. Grievance Management is really one of the crucial thing in a organization success and every company mgmt., HR of the company must know how to handle it in their company before some issue becomes a big one. Thanks for sharing it. Proven helpful.
Harish its not opening?I think you need to fix that.
Thanks for sharing this article Govind and highlighting its pros and cons. I too have some friends who is working in some big MNC who told me about this thing Car Leasing Option none of them has opt for this option though may be cos of its cons. Well its really a good article, proves helpful.
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