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“Strategic Human Resource Planning” & “A GRAND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY”.
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Posted 22-07-2009Reply

Dear Sir/ Madam,


Tackyon is proud to announce the commencement of Human Resource Seminar on “Strategic Human Resource Planning” & “A GRAND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY”. The program is a Learning and Networking event for Human Resource Professionals from Different Industries from across the country. With such events Tackyon is developing a non-virtual Network called “THE HUMAN EXCELLENCE NETWORK” where we are brought professionals from different domains together.

The event will provide an insight exposure to the issues faced by the industry and would address diverse areas such as Training, Outsourcing, and consulting, Learned and Experienced Speakers from different organizations will Share their HR Strategies and Execution Models from their organizations, and exceptionally beneficial Networking between the Human Resource professionals.

TACKYON is delighted to present its seminar, made for the management and HR professionals:

Strategic Human Resource Planning

Venue : Hotel Radisson, NOIDA

Date : Saturday, 8 August 2009

We invite your organization to participate in the Biggest Networking Event (Seminar) with Human Resource Professionals from NOIDA / DELHI and NCR.

Main objectives of this innovative seminar on HR management Excellence

1. Golden Opportunity for Consulting Companies - Meet 50 + Human Resource Professional from Different Companies from the industry.

2. Learn from real-life case studies and examples of Strategic HR plans.

Be introduced to the latest assessment tools and their applications.

3. Discuss on real-life situations and share the knowledge and experience of other HR professionals and the facilitators.

4. Immediately apply the skills they learn to their own case.

5. Benefit from the learning of a real life case study application of

Strategic Workforce Planning.

6. Golden opportunity to meet and interact with Human Resource Professionals from the Industry.

Who Should Attend This Seminar?

• HR Managers

• Career Development Managers

• Personnel Admin. Managers

• General Managers • Training Managers

• Line Managers

• Headhunters

• Recruitment Managers

Industries and Fields that we recommend to attend?

• Banks& Investment

• IT & Telecom

• Advertising/Media/PR

• Automotive / Airlines

• Real Estate

• Petroleum Sector • Food & Beverage

• Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

• Tourism & Hospitality

• Consultancy & Training

• Retailers & Manufacturers

Fees Schedule for Program

Seminar Fees (Per Delegate)

Indian Nationals Foreign Nationals

Enrollments Fee S.Tax @ 10.30% Total 200.00 USD

Inclusive of Taxes

1Delegate 5500.00 INR 566.50 INR 6066.50 INR

2 or More Delegates 5200.00 INR 535.60 INR 5735.60 INR

Early Bird Discount 5% on Nominations before – 20th July 2009

Please find attached the detailed PDF Broacher with this mail for

• Content of Program

• Nomination Form

• Fees Details

We have Limited Seats available, So the Nominations will be on First Come First Serve Basis. You can further reach us on phone numbers mentioned below.

I am looking forward to hear from you. (Request : Please forward this Invitation to all your friends and associates to help us make a massive success.)

With kindest regards,

Talees Rizvi

Head Business Development

Tackyon IT Consulting Private Limited,

33 Sri Ram Trade Center, Sector 58, Main Road,

(Opposite U- Flex Chemical Division, C-5-8, Sector – 57), NOIDA ,

Mobile: +91 9310634007

+91 9971309745

Phone :+91 120 3274660

FAX: +91 120 4202410 :

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