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Payroll Outsourcing
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Posted 21-04-2011Reply

We wish to introduce ourselves as a company that specializes in managing Payroll Operations

for Corporates for the past 10 years. There are several advantages to Corporates who outsource their entire Payroll Division to a third party like our company. We undertake the responsibility for processing the salaries, calculating the TDS, incorporating statutory deductions like PF, Profession Tax, and ESIC, creating database files for various banks for direct credit of salaries, etc. At the end of the financial year we also process Form16s for every employee and Form24 for the client. For the past four years we have even started providing company returns in e-TDS format for our clients.

We also provide the option of filing of all the statutory obligations of a client namely Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, and Labour Welfare Fund.

Corporates find this a cheaper and more efficient approach rather than buying the Payroll Software and then employing staff for creating and managing salaries. In this approach the overheads of maintaining the software and having it modified every year as per the latest Finance Bill is avoided by the client. Some of our more notable clients who have outsourced their operations to us are :

o Datamatics Group of Companies (Software, IT, US Taxation)

o Rochem Group of Companies (Industrial Water Purifiation Systems)

o Reliance Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. (Asset Management, Mutual Funds, & Insurance)

o Sanda Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. (Health & Wellness)

o iSarla Software Solutions (P) Ltd. (Software Development & Call Centres)

o Livia India Pvt. Ltd. (Legal Process Outsourcing)

o On-Time International Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (Sea Freight Forwarding & Logistics)

o Hamilton Group of Companies - Milton Plastics (Household Products)

o Matix Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. - (Agicultural Fertilisers)

o Blue Oceans Systems Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (SAP Consulting)

o Customer Centria (Marketing, Advertising & Promotions)

I have attached to this covering letter a pdf presentation that gives a brief on the responsibilities that we take up in the Payroll field for our clients and the Company Profile of Japonica Enterprises.

I would be glad to answer any queries you would want us to answer in this matter.

With Kind Regards

Sapna Jethani

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Japonica Enterprises

Tel : +91 98210 70700

e-mail :

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