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Master Trainer & Facilitator (MTF) in Delhi
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Middle Earth HR


Global HR Certified Trainer and Facilitator

2 days Training Program

29th & 30th March’2014 at Delhi

The Certified Trainer and Facilitator program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India in association with Middle Earth HR.

The Master Trainer and Facilitator program is aimed at developing the training and facilitation skills in an individual. It instills the practical skills and in-depth knowledge that is required to conduct an effective training program. You will increase the effectiveness of your training program, be able to design and deliver more effective training programs.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

• Learn 3 essential Aspects of a Presentation

• Make your Presentation Memorable by using the SIR Approach

• Learn the SHIIC model for maximizing the interest of your Audience

• Learn How the MS EVA Model is used to ensure Participants’ Retention

• Remember LIGSS to involve participants

• To identify and prepare the correct visual aids

• Learn ABC principles of designing great programs

• Learn How to handle difficult Participants

• Learn how to manage the toughest questions using a structured approach of facilitation

• To understand your trainer style and manage different types of learner styles

• How to select Kirkpatrick assessment methods

• Be coached personally by a master trainer to fine tune your skills

Unique benefits to the participants:

• Get comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use

• Learn from the industry experts who have a specialist experience in the area of training

• Network with other professionals with same background and interest

• Brand yourself as a certified Trainer and facilitator

• Increase your earning potential as a freelance professional by becoming a certified trainer

Course Overview:


• Command and movement – body posture, shoulder orientation etc.

• Eye contact

• Gestures including non-verbal signals, facial expressions

• What opening exercises accomplish – includes SIR

• Effective sequencing

• Maximize interest using SHIIC

• Ensure retention using MSEVA

• Involve participants using LIGSS

• Reinforce lectures using GPEP

MODULE 2: Andragogy & Setting Objectives

• Why do adults learn – analysis using adult learning styles

• Training needs analysis – analysis of context, content, user, ROI etc.

• Assessing the training group

• Setting learning goals using ABC learning techniques

• Criteria for selecting a training task

• Specifying & expressing objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy

MODULE 3: Designing a Training Program

• The macro design of an active training

• Sequencing active training activities

• Experiential Methods like syndicates, discussions, demos etc.

• Kolb’s learning style method including concrete experience, abstract conceptualization etc.

• 4 stages of learning including unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, unconscious competence, conscious competence

• The finer side of sequencing

MODULE 4: Designing Aids

• Identifying Instructional Material

• Selecting Appropriate Methodologies for Specific Activities

• Tips for Planning Successful Visual Content

• Color in Visual Aids

• Developing Titles for Visual Aids

MODULE 5: Developing a Positive Learning Environment

• Barriers to verbal and nonverbal communication – vocabulary, jargon, accent, ambiguity etc.

• Internal or psychological aspects include pressures, mood, forced resistance etc.

• The learning attention span

• Arranging the physical environment

• Creating the mood

• Different types of trainer styles include analytical, drive, expressive, amiable etc.

• Gaining leadership of the training group

• Handling problem participants using monopolizing, one-upping, clowning, withdrawing etc.

• Types of Problem Participants – WASPS, SLUGS, TOADS

Module 6 - Evaluation & Its Significance

• Why evaluate

• Four levels of Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation process

• The evaluation model

• Types of tests

• Action planning

• Difference between reliability and validity

• Assessing the ROI of training

Middle Earth Advantage:

• Trusted name in the training industry since 1997.

• Trained more than 30,000 professionals at all levels, across the globe.

• Client list of more than 400 companies.

• Highest feedback of an average of over 4.5 on a 5-point scale.

• Over 90% company retention rate.

Avail Group discounts

For commercials and registration contact

Sumalatha K



For more details click here:

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