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HR Zone » Human Resource Management » 5 Tips for Facilitating Large Group Meetings

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5 Tips for Facilitating Large Group Meetings
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Posted 12-01-2017Reply

First things first. How do we define a “large group”? Any group that has more than around 30 people can be safely categorized under this nomenclature.

Managing conversations even in a small group is hard enough, when you think about it. Every group has its share of bullies who hog most of the time available. Then there is the Extrovert-Introvert equations that plays out. Add to that a fiercely competitive corporate environment, where – “to be heard”, becomes so important – and we can see why the very mention of “meetings”, gives people headaches.

So, its not surprising really that when organizations sometimes plan meetings where an even larger group of people need to come together to discuss, debate and thrash out a few outcomes – there is a huge dose of skepticism that accompanies such an exercise. Yet, as teams get larger and leaders increasingly want to co-opt their larger teams in reaching outcomes – such exercises are inevitable.

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