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HR News » Do This 1 Thing and I Guarantee—Yes, Guarantee—You Will Get a Job
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Do This 1 Thing and I Guarantee—Yes, Guarantee—You Will Get a Job

Comments 52 Comments   Views 996 Views     About 17-06-2009

When it comes to the job search, everyoneâs with the lists: how to get a job; mistakes people make; ways to ace an interview; things you need to do today.


There is a problem with all these lists. The problem is not that thereâs not some good insights in some of them. Itâs that no list will ever get you a job. Ever.

Know whatâll get you a job?

One thing: action.

Letâs do an experiment:

Right now, open a new browser tab/window. Go to your social networking site of choice. Think of a friend you havenât spoken to in awhileâsomeone you donât have anything important to talk about. Take however much time you need⦠when you think of that person, send him/her an invite to connect and a note that reads something to the effect of: âJust thinking of you; would love to connect when you have a few minutes and hear how youâre doing.â Then come back to this page.

Iâll wait while you go do thatâ¦

OK, now letâs review the experiment: did you actually do it? What would you have learned from a list, awareness that you should call? Hey: this ainât âlife appreciation class,â this is life itself. If you want something, youâve got to move!

Others may care, but personally, I donât give a hoot or holler about the proper etiquette for re-introducing yourself to an old acquaintance. I donât give a flying fish about thank you notes or emails, either. Nor do I care about how awkward this all must be for you. All I care is whether or not you act. Because when you act, messing doesnât matter. (As much.) When you mess up in your head, you stress; when you mess up in real life, you try again and improve. It happens without thinking about it whenever you refuse to give up!

I recently called a friend I hadnât seen in 19 years. Out of the blue, just to say hi. That was awkward⦠for about a minute. Then we clicked and now Iâve 200 more people in my network. I called another friend, too⦠that conversation didnât go as well. So? I lost nothing on that one. Ten minutes, maybe.

Now itâs your turn again: put down the list and go make that call. Bungle it. In fact, try to mess it up. You know what youâll find? Youâll find you canât. No more thinking about it, go do it!

Because they only way to guarantee that you get a job is to go out and get the job!

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D.n.sharma 22-01-2013  
may be benificial.........
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Manu 15-06-2012  
very confusing
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Sana 07-10-2011  
good methology indeed..........
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Devpriya 11-09-2011  
nice way to do
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Shanthisalooja11 02-09-2011  
it is very good
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Swapna 23-03-2011  
Ya definitely it will work out not for always....but to some extent...and one more thing that will take a good time to realize the productivity...
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Santosh 20-02-2011  
great thinking..... SNS have been playing a pivotal role these dayzzzzzz
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LINGARAJU.N 21-11-2010  
this is theoretical, but practical is not like this ...
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Madhu 07-10-2010  
Very Well Said and Described....Really Appreciate this.....
Vote  Vote
Komal 30-09-2010  

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