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Training On Communication And Leadership Skills
Dharmender Picture
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Posted 29-09-2008Reply

Dear all,

I would like to start a topic here in Gurgaon group on "Customization of soft skills".

Do you feel that customization of training programs is needed or standard trainings/off the shelf trainings do in most of the cases?

happy discussion.



Challa Picture
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  Rated 0 | Posted 30-09-2008

People are different. Industries are different. Inevitably, training programs have to be customised based on the needs of the people and organisations.

good luck.


Ramakrishna Varma
Ramakrishna Varma Picture
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  Rated +1 | Posted 30-09-2008

I think customization would add more value, when customized based on role, industry, etc.

But training programs on general topics - almost everyone needs it type - would work even without the customization. Time Management, for example.

Anitha Picture
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  Rated +2 | Posted 02-01-2009

Hi All

well i do support what Ramkrishna mentioned.

I would put it this way . based on the industry we have pick what is best.

For ex let us take BPO & I T industries (the giants)

BPO - A standardized communication will help only as the foundation or basics of BPO process particularly from the company's point of view or policy to all levels of experienced employees. eg like basic call handling skills,telephone etiquette ,AHT etc,.. OR If the company has single client or same experience level employees , etc

But to get the available resources achieve different clients needs or SLA's one must or is advised to follow Customized Training on all sources . eg , IT help desk , financial customer service, internal customer service , sales ,processing units , BPO software's utilized etc

So in BPO -Standardized training is the basic but to succeed one needs Customized Training .

IT - here , a Customized Training will have different results as it will only give room for more waste of time, manpower , energy & Money.

eg - if we have 5yrs exp 20 ppl, 3yr of exp 16 ppl & freshers 40 ppl.

The better advise for the companies would be to standardize its training program based on experience level , knowledge & Domain (like financial, retail, insurance, banking etc) .

To conclude, IT industry would be better off with standardized training programs which are inturn customized for large audience groups.

Ruchi Picture
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  Rated +1 | Posted 26-03-2009

Hi All

According to me standard training has its own importance but as per the current market scenario "customization" is more required as it saves money,time,manpower and gives a best results.

Identification of training need, required by the employees,delivery in best possible ways(customize) gives a satisfactory result.

Tanuja Picture
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  Rated +1 | Posted 27-03-2009

Dear Mr. Dharmender

As a human behavior professional I believe that every individual is unique (with due effect of nature-nurture influence) and so are one's inspirations, motivations, inherent and acquired skill levels, aspirations and learning styles etc. All these do have an impact on trainability of an individual. One has its own thresholds, grasping/picking up speed and style of acquisition and delivery.

Moreover there are diversified skills and topics (varied in terms of intensity and scope) that can be covered under the umbrella term ‘soft skills. These may vary from – very basic etiquettes like greeting in various set ups (social, organizational, cultural) to communication( written-spoken), body language, attitude and approach, leadership, team work, dressing, dining, and so on ….( there can be an exhaustive list)

Other than the individual differences due to the uniqueness of our personalities the cultural differences and difference of context/setup i.e. – type of industry and job profile do play an important role in this era of globalization, giving birth to new challenges of adaptability, affordability, resistance and conflict ( intra or inter).

Means, we can be more effective and efficient and successful as trainer or even as trainee if we are aware of and give due respect to the uniqueness of an individual and can be more considerate of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses (areas of development) in a customized way.
Every individual is unique and so is special.

Tanuja Sharma

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