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“ The Tree and the boy”
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Posted 30-11-2008Reply

It is story of a old tree and a naughty boy. The tree was very old, can be attributed as ancient tree with stability of pin drop silence. There was a village near that tree and sometimes people moves in that area where the tree was there. Birds are used to enjoy the goodness of tree by resting on its rigid branches. So we can imagine it as a forest environment.

Once a naughty boy came near the tree and got surprised after seeing sweet fruits hanging on it and its beautiful greenery. First time in his life, he enjoyed the real beauty of nature around the tree. He started eating fruits, playing on its branches and moving around it. He was very happy and comfortable. Now after some time he started visiting that tree frequently and it has become part of his routine life. The time was going on with its pace. But after few days, the boy noticed that the tree which was seemed to be very old is now looking young. It is now full of new fruits, green leafs and new branches. He found that there is some miracle happening with the tree. He could not understand the cause in first instance but after putting his mind in past he realized that this magic may be due to his presence only. He is a magician and had given a new life to the tree. He was now full of proud and had changed the life of tree. He started boasting about this fact in the village. People get surprised but no one noticed him for such silly thoughts. But, after few days, the boy again noticed that the tree which was getting young and more beautiful is now again getting old but this reverse change was very rapid and after very short interval, he observed that the tree was totally dried. All his leafs and fruits were dropped. Now this tree was just a dry bamboo without any attraction. The tree has nothing to give others and It was died. The boy got thrilled and started weeping. He was thinking what wrong I have done and why this happened and so on. He was very sad and just thinking what is to be done. He called God that please solve my grief, I am in trouble. After Listening his story, God smiles and shushed for a moment. He replied ok, I explain the real story behind this magic.

First, You note that you have not done any miracle or magic with tree and you are not magician at all.

Listen my Dear Friend, I tell you what was exactly happened with tree. The tree which is provided with sweet fruits, roof of green leafs to save from fiery heat of sun but not freedom of enjoyment like humans. However, they have a need of care and respect to preserve their strength. Humans are awarded with a enormous gift of creativity, care and affection. Human can better express feelings and share the problems of others as they have emotions and ability to share. So, when you visited the tree, “Miracle of Hope” occurred. The tree thought that now someone has come who will understand his silence. Who will appraise for his services and provide help in extending his services to others for enjoyment to all (as he himself cannot move from here to there). So with this hope, new energy motivated the tree and it started glowing and got young and happy. However he could not understands your truth. You never appraised him for his sweet fruits, his beautiful spread and services distributed by him, Because your sole interest was eating fruits, just in your enjoyment and ignoring his identity. You never tried to know that what tree want to say by means of its deep silence and touching leafs to your head.

So when Tree realized about your real intentions, then he got embarrassed and surrounded by deep depression. You know, killing effect of depression is much more powerful than strengthening effect of boost. Due to that tree got dried and finally died.

So my friends I hope that u have understood the concept behind this story and I hope that u have enjoyed it.



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