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"The journey begins within and it ends within.
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Posted 25-03-2009Reply

"The journey begins within and it ends within." - Sufi

The journey through life is never ending. Many of us get caught up. We go back and forth between memories of the past and at the same time thinking of the steps to move forward and deal with the future.

Tips for the traveler's mission to find the meaning of existence.

Set your intention and establish your purpose.

You have to set and determine your purpose. Plan out your route and lay the path for you to follow. Take the first step no matter how long and daunting it may appear.

Prepare yourself mentally.

A trip into the unknown takes a lot of energy. Prepare yourself mentally to go through the rough weather. Remind yourself that there's calm ahead. Remain alert and attentive because life reveals to you the answers that you are searching rather subtly.

Have control over your thoughts and emotions.

Look at the positive aspect. Refuse to entertain the thought of failing because your mind will gravitate toward it. As much as having been so attached to fear, you have to leave it behind and travel without it if you want to enjoy your travel.

Here's a quick and effective tool to boost your mood, increase happiness and crush pain, fears and anxieties.

Use your memories and experiences as guides.

Your memories are going to get in the way. If you want to advance, leave them for what they are. You have to distinguish between your history and reality.

Stop if you are lost.

If you find yourself lost, stop and go over everything that you know. Ask for help and use your experiences to find your way. Once you discover the way out, start over an move on. Leave a note in your journal. You have learned something valuable and will not repeat the same mistake.

Measure your progress.

It's never done and finished but you can measure how far you have traveled. You need to measure so that can keep score and decide on your next move.

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  Rated 0 | Posted 11-05-2009

Hi Rimi
Nice Suggestion
Keep Posting

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  Rated 0 | Posted 18-06-2009

Thanks for the post rimi...

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  Rated 0 | Posted 02-01-2013

This is a copied article.

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