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HR Zone » Grievance Management » Corporate Harassment to Lady Employee's BEWARE of this ?

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Corporate Harassment to Lady Employee's BEWARE of this ?
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Posted 02-03-2012Reply

Viewer's , Here this is not a real Story and this is a Imaginary situation and any of the Coincidence / resembelance with anyone /situation is purly a Unfortunate only. In this story , A lady was selected as software Programmer in a software company. The Top management Guy Identityfied as Mr. X ok who has seen her Photo and excited and had Bad intention of date with her in his mind.

He personally instructed the HR department select & Appoint that Girl by his personal interest , even though she is not upto thier expectation. Then Mr.X ask the Hr depart to act according to his wish. Like wise , WITHIN a months time she got her SALARY JUMP by the Company and diplomatically makes to AVAIL CAR-LOAN by saying to have to come to the Office on time and go by late ,so you need a car for yourself right, Then makes to accept a HOME-Loan and Other LOAN FACILITIES and IN TOTAL she got NET SALARY of Rs: 1 Lakh and her MONTHLY LOAN COMMITTMENT IS almost Rs:95 Thousand , She don't have any other source of Income to fullfill her Monthly loan committment , in that level company provided within a span of 6 months. all on a sudden , she was asked to join a Office OFSHORE project Team IN US and that Team leader is non other than Mr.X abroad and innocent she joined the Team , in her over stay abroad Mr.X started his Vested Motive , she refused to Mr.X, and taken leave for two day's to take a Bold decision in this situation , She Thought about her situation of 1) If she resigned her present Job THEN HOW SHE WILL RE-pay her Loan amount & face recovery harassment ? 2) She will LOSE her social status of being a Sofiscated Job Style ? 3) Only option is before her is to Go with the company and accept and act according to Mr.X wishes or not ???? HERE YOU READER's has to Reply WHAT DECISION SHE HAS TO TAKE to solve this problem to SAVE HER ?

please post your answer here to save our colleague ?

Put your alternatives suggestion for her


Mr.Chanakya Jr:

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