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HR Zone » Human Resource Management » Sightseeing with Team Building: The Incredible Mix

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Sightseeing with Team Building: The Incredible Mix
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Posted 23-12-2016Reply

Imagine this: your flight just landed and now you are on your way to the annual team offsite - a time to let down your hair and have some fun in a new city! But then a feeling of sadness creeps in.. you know you have a team building activity planned and you don't want to spend the next day in a conference room.

FEAR NOT! We at FOCUS Adventure empathize and have a solution for your team. We understand that annual offsites and retreats are meant to be both fun and meaningful and we strive to strike that balance through our many activities that are rooted in the experiential learning methodology.

But that isn't enough for us - we want to go that extra mile (literally)!

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