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Recruitment Life Cycle
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Posted 15-10-2008Reply

What is Recruitment Complete Life Cycle?

Here you go:

The steps in the Full Life Cycle Recruiting are:

1. Recruitment Planning and Organization

a. Define and describe the basic components of a recruitment plan

b. Construct and organize the deployment of a recruitment plan

2. Candidate Sourcing and Networking

a. Define sourcing and networking

b. Identify and describe the six sourcing channels

c. Prioritize the four types of candidates and explain where you will spend your recruitment resources

d. Explain what to do when you find qualified candidates

3. Assessment, Selection and Certification

a. Define the assessment process with professional practices, incorporating authorized requirements and client needs

b. Perform an assessment plan and create a competency matrix

c. Evaluate the results from the assessment and selection process

d. Analyze candidates and submit to the hiring management

e. Define the certification process in the new environment

4. Interviewing and Hiring

a. Define the critical steps in interview preparation

b. Perform a behavioral interview

c. Conduct a reference and background check

d. Describe the steps to close the recruitment and hiring process

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