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HR Zone » General Awareness » Quantum Vibrational Kinesiology---A New Paradigm In Healing

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Quantum Vibrational Kinesiology---A New Paradigm In Healing
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Posted 06-01-2009Reply

Quantum Vibrational Kinesiology

A New Paradigm In Healing

Re-programming our bodies to restore optimum cellular regenesis

and unlimited consciousness, our Divine Sovereign Birthright

‘All that we are is the result of what we have thought’ – Buddha

What is QVK?

QVK is a form of energy healing that was put together by Sir Brian Jenner during

30 years of studying & teaching. Brian first started teaching a form of Kinesiology called

‘Touch for Health’ but when physical health complaints remained, he began a quest for furthering

his knowledge on the human bio-electromagnetic body & combined many various methods

that he found worked in curing many conditions, including his skin cancer.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a foundation for locating causative factors of conditions.

In effect, the muscles of the body are used as a divining rod, where the body is able to

communicate stress factors affecting health. Kinesiology is most commonly used in

allergy testing, emotional balancing & correcting muscular movement.

Brian took Kinesiology to a whole new sphere of application way beyond

the most common forms of Kinesiology.

By recognising the body as a field of conscious intelligence, which in turn responds

to external focused intent & consciousness, various applications can be harnessed

to re-align the body to harmony & equilibrium by using only natural means.

By locating areas of stress within the body, & removing them with balancing

proceedures, the body’s own innate healing abilities are restored

thereby allowing the most miraculous healing to take effect.

How Does QVK Work?

There are 3 stages of healing during a QVK Stress-Release Balance.

The first stage is a consultation during which time your personal life

experiences are reviewed. This enables your life’s experiences to be

considered throughout the healing, and any priority areas of stress to be

the main area of healing for each session.

The second part of the healing is muscle testing. This is the use of

primarily one muscle which will be used to indicate priority areas of stress

which are compromising health. This is an incredible experience, where the

intelligence of your body is communicating, not your conscious mind.

After muscle testing, there are some basic & gentle energy corrective procedures

which are taught to each client in order to maintain a greater level of health.

This is followed by the third part of the healing, which is the stress-release balance.

This is a time for the client to relax on the healing couch & receive the healing energy.

During this healing, your body is connected to Universal Intelligence and also to the

focused healing intent of the healer, which will direct the energy of various forms

to help the body to permanently clear the causative factors of stress.

Harmonics & fractal geometry are powerful tools for this, and are easily

incorporated by the body as this is the Universal Language of all living systems.

The Mandelbrot Set Fractal

The Fractal Geometry of Nature

What Conditions can be Treated?

QVK is a form of healing that enhances the body’s unlimited regenerating

& healing capacity, by removing the stresses that have been inhibiting this,

QVK has had amazing success with many conditions, and does not see the

dis-ease as the primary concern. The primary concern is the cause of the

condition, and when this is removed, self-healing can once again, occur.

The body is the most intricate & advanced healing system that we know of.

All medical intervention is a limited version of what our bodies are capable of.

For health to manifest, we need to clear away all negative influences from our

bodies, which is what a QVK balance treats.

Causative Factors of Dis-Ease

Cellular Memory of Emotional / Physical Trauma

family, social, school, work, accidents

Inherited Emotional Energies & Conditions

Ancestral, genetic & parental energy clearance

Toxicity & Over-Acidity of the body

Pollution, fluoride, mercury, aspartame

Limiting & Negative Belief & Thought Patterns

Worry & fear from past or present experiences

Metal Fillings, Crowns, Root Canals, Bridges

Compromise the bio-electromagnetic energy of our bodies

Entity Possession, Implants & Mind Control

Spirit attachment, DNA alteration, entrainment

Radiation, ELF, HAARP, Chemtrails, Microwaves

External frequencies damaging to cellular regenesis

Vaccinations, Operations, Medication,

Increase toxicity & limit the functions of the body

Restoring Infinite Love & Regeneration to our Cells

Restoring Health through Healing

By clearing from the body all of the above negative influences,

the miraculous healing abilities of our bodies are able to restore our

well-being and health, as is our very birthright.

The body’s intelligence governs the rate & priority of the healing, so the

beneficial effects of the healing are unpredictable and always variable.

Following are some experiences of conditions treated by QVK…

For more, please click on the link:


QVK with Leanna Milward, UK

Treaments, Distance Healing, Certified Courses


01252 844246

Homepage Courses & Talks Certified QVK Healers

Sir Brian Jenner Testimonials Links & Information Contact

Website Copywrite ã Leanna Milward 2007, UK

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