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Positive Words, Better Performance
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Posted 21-01-2017Reply

Employee engagement has been a buzz phrase in the human resource (HR) circles for years. Research has shown that committed, involved and engaged employees outperform their ‘disengaged’ counterparts at work.

However, with rapidly changing employee needs and motivations, engagement has indeed gotten more challenging. But the rise and proliferation of positive psychology, a field of academic study that examines healthy states, such as happiness, strength of character and optimism, may provide HR managers with better insights to help employers retain more talent and create a more conducive environment in the workplace.

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  Rated +1 | Posted 21-10-2018

You raised a valid point but in my opinion, the importance of employee engagement has increased a lot in the last decades because of the competition. Actually, it is the competition that teaches the employers about the significance of employee engagement.

You are absolutely right that positive words or appreciation can improve the employee retention at the workplace. However, you can't ignore other factors like satisfaction, good leadership and a clear vision in this regard. I found this article very informative regarding employee engagement. I hope it would help to explore more secrets to engaging employees.

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  Rated 0 | Posted 7 days ago

Engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused and more loyal – and companies with high levels of employee engagement are more profitable, according to a number of studies over the past two decades.
9 recommendations to improve employee engagement
2.Organization approach
3.Engagement board
4.Engagement focus group
5.Engagement awareness training
6.Review communication tactics
7.Worker involvement programs
8.Working in teams
9.Bonus schemes

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