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HR Zone » Job Descriptions » Personnel Selection: Interview Questions: Achievement

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Personnel Selection: Interview Questions: Achievement
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HR Guide to the Internet:

Personnel Selection: Interview Questions: Achievement


1. Do you enjoy working on difficult projects?

2. Do you have accomplishments you are proud of?

3. Do you have initiative?

4. Have you ever accomplished something difficult?

5. Have you ever accomplished something you did not think you could?

6. How have you shown initiative?

7. How have you shown willingness to work?

8. Tell me about a time when you went beyond the call of duty.

9. Tell me about accomplishments of which you are the most proud.

10. Tell me what initiatives have you undertaken recently?

11. What challenging accomplishments have you had?

12. What are some examples of important recommendations or decisions you've made recently?

13. What are some of your recent accomplishments in your current job?

14. What are the five biggest accomplishments of your life?

15. What are your major accomplishments? Your failures? Your disappointments?

16. What challenging experiences have you had?

17. What difficult challenges have you solved?

18. What difficult problems have you worked through?

19. What do you consider to be your most important accomplishment and why?

20. What has been your greatest accomplishment? Your greatest disappointment?

21. What have been the most memorable accomplishments of your career?

22. What have been your biggest accomplishments?

23. What have been your greatest accomplishments?

24. What have been your greatest disappointments?

25. What initiatives have you undertake recently?

26. What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?

27. What is the most difficult task you have undertaken?

28. What is the most important accomplishment in your life?

29. What is the most challenging thing you have ever done?

30. What is the most stimulating thing you are looking for in a job?

31. What is your greatest accomplishment?

32. What is your most significant accomplishment?

33. What is your proudest accomplishment?

34. What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction?

35. What was the job's biggest challenge?

36. What was the most/least challenging part of the job?

37. What was your greatest accomplishment?

38. What was your greatest disappointment?

39. What was your most significant accomplishment in your last position?

40. What were your most memorable accomplishments with your last employer?


41. Are you willing to take risks?

42. Describe a significant risk you took to accomplish a task.

43. Describe how you can take risks to accomplish tasks.

44. What kinds of risks do you face when implementing a new initiative?

45. What risks have you undertaken recently?

46. What risks did you take at your previous job?


47. Are you a self starter?

48. Are you a competitive person?

49. Describe two things that motivate you at work?

50. Describe when you felt motivated to do your very best work and did.

51. Do you enjoy challenges at work? If so, what kinds of challenges have you recently faced.

52. Do you feel motivated in your current job?

53. Do you feel motivated to work harder?

54. Do you work to achieve your objectives? If so, describe how hard.

55. Does competition increase your desire to succeed?

56. Have you received any recognition for significant accomplishments at work?

57. How important are promotions and advancement to you?

58. How important is challenge to you?

59. How important is recognition to you?

60. How important is responsibility to you?

61. Is recognition important to you?

62. Were there any special difficulties you overcame in achieving these accomplishments?

63. What are your motivations?

64. What challenges are you looking for in a job?

65. What do you get out of completing difficult tasks?

66. What has your last employer done that motivated you to work harder?

67. What have you done that shows initiative and willingness to work?

68. What have you done which shows initiative and willingness to work?

69. What kinds of responsibilities are important to you in your work?

70. What makes you put forth your greatest effort?

71. What motivates you?

72. What motivates you in a job and in your personal life?

73. What motivates you in accomplishing difficult tasks?

74. What motivates you to be successful in your job?

75. What motivates you to put forth your best effort?

76. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?

77. When do you put forth your greatest effort?

78. Would you describe yourself as motivated more by your goals or by money?

Sense of Self/Definitions

79. Are you successful in completing projects at work?

80. Describe what success means to you.

81. Describe situations in which you are most successful.

82. Do you feel you have been successful in your job?

83. Do you generally think of yourself as a risk-taker or someone who plays it safe?

84. How do you define 'success?'

85. How do you determine if you are successful?

86. How have your successes benefited your previous employer?

87. How would you describe your standards of performance?

88. How would you evaluate success?

89. Tell me about your recent successes.

90. To what do you attribute your success?

91. What are some of the reasons for your success?

92. What do you think has contributed most to your success so far?

93. What does 'failure' mean to you?

94. What does 'success' mean to you?

95. What is your definition of success.

96. What projects have you recently completed successfully?

97. Why are you better than your co-workers?

98. Why are you successful?

99. Would you define yourself as a self-starter?

100. Would you rate yourself as an overachiever?


101. Do you achieve all of the goals you set? If not, why not?

102. How could you have improved your progress?

103. What weaknesses have you overcome when accomplishing difficult tasks?

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