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Manpower Planning Questionnaire
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Posted 21-10-2008Reply

This Questionnaire will help us in Manpower Planning & Fulfill Manpower Requisition for Particular department for short term i.e. One Year.

Q) Why do we want to do Manpower Planning?

A) To fulfill Human resource requirement at the right time, at the right place.

Q) Why do we want to fulfill HR requirement?

A) To fulfill project requirement /deploy work force in the assignment/project.

Q) How many Projects do we have exactly?

A) _____________ (No of projects)

Q) Are we able to fulfill present project requirement with the present work force?

A) If No

Than estimate the present business/client/assignment and plan accordingly and recruit new staff/trainees.

If Yes

Than assess & estimate the future business/client/assignment and plan accordingly, while keeping in mind, employee turnover, CPT, P II & Paid assistant training completion time/date, & examination leave & normal leave taken by the staff member.

By keeping this figure in mind we can estimate future manpower requirement according to the present & new assignments.

For being specific, we can use Quantitative method i.e. Employee Turnover Ratio,

For being specific in the Estimation of Manpower Requirement for all assignment, assess MP Requirement for one project (here, WINCRM will provide the input through Rolling plan) and accordingly we will be able to plan MP Requirement for all projects for particular department.

Once we will figure out, we can plan and recruit the staff/trainee.

Q) What level of staff should be planned to hire?

CI) Managers CII) CAs CIII) Paid Assts CIV) PIIs CV) CPTs

A) At all level

Q) What should be the ratio/percentage/level of hiring at all levels?

I) At Category I (Managerial level), we should plan according to their Targets/No of assignments per year.

II) At Category II (CA) level, we should calculate Employee Turnover Ratio per year and plan accordingly.

III) At Category III (Paid staff) level, we should keep record of their training completion date/time and plan & hire new trainees prior their exit accordingly.

IV) At Category IV (PII) level, we should keep record of their training completion date/time and plan & hire new trainees one month or so prior to their exit.

V) At Category V (CPT) level, we should keep record of their examination leave and should plan accordingly.

And to get clear idea of ratio at all level we need to first see our present work force.

Q) What is the present ratio of employees at execution, leading and at managing level.

This chart will give a clear understanding of the present workforce ratio at all level.

Cat I Cat II Cat III Cat IV Cat V Cat VI Cat VII

Employee Category Managers CAs Paid Assists P IIs CPTs



No Of Employees 2 12 7 31 31 3 2

After reviewing all level we should focus on two Questions-

Q)What is present set of KSA (Knowledge/Skills/Ability) available internally?

Q)What set of KSA (Knowledge/Skills/Ability) is required to achieve future goal?

We should focus on Category II (CA) level where we should focus on hiring CA with leadership skills so that they can lead a team and managers could manage teams rather being involved in executing most of the task/activities.

And according to the targets for a particular time period (Yearly), we should plan work force ratio (i.e. how many employee we require for execution, leading and managing)

Once we will plan and start working on that we will get guidelines for the next year & long term planning.

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