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Leave policy
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Posted 16-02-2009Reply

Important Leave under the A/c. of.......

1. PL ( Privilege Leave ) - This is being accounted on the presence of the employee.

2.5 days for every month of working of the employee generally getting sanctioned. If the employee is on leave more than 7 days in any month accordingly it would calculated. At the end of the year the balance PL in any employee's account, could be carried away for the ensuing year. For this also there is a norm which is fixed by the company, that at any point of time an employee cannot accumulate for some fixed days leave in his account and it could be encashed as per the rules of the company. For example : If an employee is having more than 100 days PL at his account, and if the company rules tells that no employee can kekep their lelavle more than 90 days and this employee encash the 10 days. PL always applied well in advance and you cannot telephone and ask for PL.

2. CL ( Causual Leave) As you know, it is fixed one and Company may fix it about 10 to 12 days as per the company norms. This is nothing but emergency leave and you may inform on that also. But most of the companies will not sanction more than 2 days leave. If you want more than 2 days leave you may go for PL.

3. Medical leave. This is also goes with company rule.

4. ML : (Maternity Leave): As you know this is belonged to Women area. It should be given 90 days on any kind of company. This lelave could be taken by any women permanent employee at the attainment of delivery time. Some company may give still one or two more months as per the employee's health. Recently there was Central Govt. rule recommending all the companies to sanction 6 months ML. Some of the companies are considering whereas most of the company give 3 to 4 months normally.

If the concerned emplolyee is still in need of lelave she may go for loss of pay for 2 to 6 months keeping her employement in the company's rule.

5. Patternity Leave: Maximum 6 days and this could be taken at a stretch by any male employee at the time of deliver of his wife. Some company gives this and some company may not give also. This goes as per the Company's rule.

6. Leave with our Pay: On any condition, any employee can opt this leave showing the valuable reason viz., due to the health condition of self or any family member. Company will have to decide on this.

The above are the important kind of leave are being carried out by any kind of company.


Types of Leave:

Casual Leave

Sick Leave

Earned/Privilege Leave

Maternity Leave

Extra Ordinary Leave

In this list all 5 are Paid leave & No.4 & No.5 are Statutory Leave.

Casual Leave: As per shops & establishments act, 12 days leave per yr has to be given to an employee as a part of welfare measure.

Jan 26, Aug 15 and Oct 2 are statutory Holidays for any Industry. But for steel, chemical and production industry are given exemption that if they do not able to give holiday on those days, they can be given on other days.

An employee should not apply for leave both on Saturday and Monday, either of the days can be applied. Otherwise Sunday is also considered as CL.

Except maternity leave all the other leaves are taken from the calendar year.

Absconding: Not intimating to the dept about the leave.

Extra Ordinary Leave: If the employee is really in a problem, then they can apply for EOL when all other leaves have been exhausted.


Company Name

Name…………Emp code, Dept

Please grant me leave CL/SL/PL/ML/EOL from…to….

Reason for leave…………….


Signature of Emp Dept Head HR Dept


For HR Dept Use

Remaining Leaves






Earned / Privilege Leave: These leaves are given based on the number of days worked.

For every 20 days of the month – 1 day is statutory

For other 10 days – ½ day or 1 day depends on the company.

Employee should take approval 15 days in advance.

If the leave is approved, Sundays and holidays are also considered.

3 yrs leave can be carried forward.

(Basic + DA/26)*No. of leaves remained will be paid at the time of Retirement if an employee do not use these leaves.

Maternity Leave: To Married women employee these leaves are given and are compulsory if the pregnancy is confirmed.

3 weeks after conceiving.

6 to 9 weeks after delivery.

Total salary should be paid for these leaves.

In case of miscarriage/abortion 3 weeks leave should be given.

50% of the salary can be claimed from ESI.

We cannot suspend / dismiss / terminate when an employee is on leave.

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  Rated 0 | Posted 16-02-2009

Thx 4 sharing Varsha


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  Rated 0 | Posted 23-02-2009

Thx 4 sharing Varsha


Thanks Versha,


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  Rated 0 | Posted 23-02-2009

Thx 4 sharing Varsha


Thanks Versha,


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