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Key Task of HR Manager
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Posted 26-03-2009Reply

1. Recruitment and Selection

• Maintain up-to-date recruitment progress report, talent database and all related staffing communication.

• Process all local recruitment requests in an effective and efficient manner.

• Managing orientation program for employee to the business and culture.

2. Training and Development

• Interface with Group HR and external vendors and suppliers for the implementation of corporate training or training programs to meet the business needs where appropriate.

• Identify key skills, specialty skills and propose training needs accordingly.

• Managing, communicating and delivering important projects that impact other parts of the organization.

3. Compensation and Benefits

• Monitor and alert the regional human resources director to any variance between the budgeted and actual salaries and headcount.

• Occasionally, produce and submit information to for "knowledge sharing" with Group HR.

• To be in charge of payroll administration and to make all necessary co-ordination to make a smooth and efficient operation (variable compensation, overtime, expatriates compensation, special payments).

• Gather all necessary data to benchmark salaries and benefits.

• Compile all data needed for the annual salary review, and the annual performance appraisal analysis.

• Provide recommendations and support to HR representatives (mainly Finance Directors) across the region.

• Provide information to Expatriate staffs regarding C&B (Tax; Social Benefits).

4. Employee Relations

• To detect and handle complaints, disputes and grievances of all staffs and to report them to the Regional Human Resources Director

• To foster a conducive working environment through employee relations activities and communication

• To conduct exit and grievance interviews with all departments/staffs

• To assist in handling all local labor tribunal cases

5. Rules and Regulations

• To review the staffs rules and regulations (or employee handbook) on a regular basis

• To create and implement the employee staff rules and regulations for newly created subsidiaries in the region

6. Budget, financial management

• Submit the Personnel Budget for all personnel costs and Headcount to Finance Department. Produce and submit the yearly tax returns for all staffs on a yearly basis.

• Produce and submit the payroll journal and the Headcount report to Finance Department on a monthly basis.

• To submit the Personnel latest estimates for all personnel costs and headcount to Finance Department on a quarterly basis.

7. Human resource information system

• Maintain smooth running of the Human Resources Information System.

• Monitor timely update of personnel records (personal details, position, salary, appraisal outcomes, leave records, training and awards).

• Organize locally and produce Group HR reporting.

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