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HR Zone » Motivation » How to Make Your New Year Resolution Work!

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How to Make Your New Year Resolution Work!
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Posted 31-12-2016Reply

A new year, a new you; at least, so we’re told. But is that really true? Every year millions of people resolve to do something new, different, or better, but do these New Year’s resolutions really help us change our ways? Or, is it an illusion, making us believe we are changing our ways but not actually furthering our goals.

According to Good Morning America, the top 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2016 are:

1. Enjoy life to the fullest

2. Live a healthier lifestyle

3. Lose weight

4. Spend more time with family and friends

5. Save more, spend less

But when you look at these resolutions, what do you see? Do these seem like achievable goals? Well, trying to answer that will lead you to more questions: What does success mean? How long do I have to achieve these goals? Is there a point where I have “finished” the resolution and no longer need to work on it?

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  Rated 0 | Posted 06-01-2017

New Year Resolutions may not really help because people don't have SMART goals and plan to do it.

As HR professionals, there are many aspects of the workplace HR is responsible for and the role of HR seems to be unceasingly broadening and getting more crucial to organizations. With a list of New Year’s resolutions, there may be several ways to make this year better than the last for HR and your organization.

Let's see what we could do for a better 2017

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