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From Ouch to Oops
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Posted 03-03-2017Reply

It was late evening in the last week of June 2010. I had said my formal good byes to all my colleagues in HP - a company that I had passionately worked for, nearly a decade. All that was left now, was to collect my stuff and walk away forever. The moment seemed surreal, all of a sudden. The memories of a decade, all came rushing back in an instant - and I suddenly felt very weak-kneed. Just then, I felt an arm around my shoulders, "How are you my friend?". It was my friend and colleague, RamG Vallath. It seems rather melodramatic now, but at that instant, as I tried to speak - the words choked up in my throat and despite myself, my eyes welled up with tears! I quickly hustled to the washroom - to give myself a couple of moments to get over those emotions.

When I got back to my desk - there was RamG, patiently waiting still. We chatted for a while, before I finally got up and walked out of that ninth floor. That for me has always been RamG - a bulwark of support, the epitome of positivity, the guy with the broadest smile on the floor - always, with no exceptions. So, no surprise then, that when I heard about a book written by him, I picked it up immediately.

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