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Don't Go 4r BAKRA Now!
Mr C K S
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Posted 09-03-2010Reply

Keep 2 Distances & Avoid diz!

Hi Friends,

Iâm going to sow you an Live example of FRAUD Invitation.

Plz see the example & read out now: Start

Hi Mrâ¦â¦.,

Hope you are doing Great today! We noticed that you recently visited and you are probably looking for Work From Home option and unable to decide which one to choose from.

We want to make your decision easier by sharing the key points you need to know before joining any of such programs. Else you will end up spending huge amount and without any earnings.

Important Points to Consider for Work from Home Job:

You should get payments on time:

Any program you join and spend time working for should at least promise you on time genuine payments.

Payments should be recurring:

Imagine, you work once and get paid once. What if you work once and keep getting paid forever for that work? And when you work again, will only be to increase that monthly amount.

We call this Recurring Income System. Very rare works from home websites have this system.

Work should be easy to do & should not take more than 1-2 hours/day:

Time is valuable for you. Probably you are looking for second income or even full time, but you donât want to spend the whole day(9-6) working for getting peanuts.

Should pay you as per your Caliber:

You can be more intelligent than all other people, so why should you get paid just like others?

You need a platform which should pay you as per your caliber and there should be no upper limits.

It should be like Business:

It should be like business and not like job. You should be able to grow it to any heights. You can make $1000's or even $100,000's if you really want to. And it should grow by time.

World Class Work Training:

World class training should be provided to help you get maximum productivity and also make maximum possible money within a short time.(Example Finished)

Yeah! Friend,

As well as you aware & read about on Tricky word & How to they are trying to take in confidence for make all us a BAKRA.

Finally what you have to learnt from this eventually all these above mentioned? I would like to say that totally a Live Example ofâFRAUDâ

Being a Friend, Plz avoid & advise to your others Friends, Donât go or think Never.


Mr.CKS Dixit

Source: I-Net n own
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