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“Chak De India” Team Work
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Posted 03-03-2017Reply

Our film industry is not just about masala and dancing around trees, there have been some movies that have been really inspirational and one movie that truly inspired me in many ways is Chak de India.

Its a movie on how an Indian women hockey team, a team that exists more on paper and less in reality, goes on to win a world cup against all odds. These 16 girls initially believed to be “chakla balen chale wale ladkiya” finaly win the world cup thanks to their hardwork and coach Kabir Khan’s mentoring and guidance.

Chak de India movie tries to make you believe that impossible is nothing and never give up. One might say, there is lot of difference in real life and reel life, but an inspiration that I took from the movie is to have faith in youself and keep trying.

After watching the movie when I analyzed it critically I realised that apart from the entertainment, which this movie has in abundance, it even offers several lessons, which we can learn and apply them at our work, and with our teams.

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