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HR Zone » Performance Assessment » Alchemus Announces a New Client: Altran Inc.

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Alchemus Announces a New Client: Altran Inc.
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Posted 09-05-2013Reply

India, April. 4 Alchemus, a California based company, providing Talent Management Solutions, today announced that they just signed up a new client; Altran Inc (India location). Altran Inc. is a global leader in providing high tech Engineering services; they have selected Alchemus PM as their Performance Management platform.

About Altran

Altran is an international group offering innovation and high-tech Engineering consulting and is the global leader in its field. The Group's mission is to assist companies in their efforts to create and develop new products and services. Altran has contributed to some of the major technological advances in recent decades: speed, precision, security, communication, practicality, interoperability, artificial intelligence, etc.

Nirmala Bhat; HR Manager at Altran said Altran is making sure the company's incentives drive strategic business initiatives. By turning to Alchemus PM, Altran employees and executives will have up-to-date information on goal status, variable pay earned and paid out, and the big picture --how the company is tracking to achieve specific goals."

With regards to Altran’s approach to address variable pay and normalization, Ms. Bhat said:

"With Alchemus PM we will consolidate the many systems and spreadsheets currently tracking our different plans; that is our immediate need. On a more strategic and forward-thinking level, Alchemus PM will provide us with the information needed to properly motivate our employees at various levels, and make sure the metrics align to drive the strategic growth of our company."

After a competitive evaluation of solutions available today, Altran selected Alchemus PM."Not only did Alchemus deliver exactly what we were looking for, but they also gave us a very high comfort level in their commitment to client success and continuing pledge to expand the product functionality. After due diligence on the company's growth plans, and positive

reference calls with existing clients, we knew Alchemus is the right vendor for us," continued Nirmala Bhat.

Altran will rely on Alchemus PM to facilitate, administer, manage, and analyze all the company's employee performance programs across India. With Alchemus PM, Altran will manage various enterprise-wide variable pay programs and annual bonuses for all eligible employees .

About Alchemus

Alchemus is a leader in providing cloud based talent management solutions that empower organizations of all sizes, around the world to assess, acquire, develop and align their workforce for improved business performance. Alchemus provide scalable solutions for all verticals of all sizes over a decade.

For more information on Alchemus, visit:

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All other trademarks and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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