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HR Zone » Performance Assessment » 10 Steps to get your team building program going

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10 Steps to get your team building program going
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Posted 25-01-2017Reply

hat exactly can a team building workshop achieve? In the most ideal of situations – can a group of people who don’t really feel like a team, go back from the program feeling bonded like buddies?

The answer is a categorical NO. The biggest paradigm that you need to understand is that “Team building” is not an “activity”. It is a “process”. Hence depending on where the team currently is in its state of development in the Tuckman model, an ideal team building program can ensure that it moves along further ahead towards becoming a performing team.

Most importantly, what a good team building program can do, is to get everyone thinking together in the direction of becoming a better team – and also, improve the “atmosphere” within the team.

So, when you are planning to embark on a Team building effort, set your targets realistically. What you are really aiming for is: To help people get along better and get more done.

Here are some practical ideas to help you get it started in your workplace:

1. No Team building effort can get going, unless you have the leadership team engaged. So, always start with the leadership team – before going down to their respective teams.

Read more: http://focusadventure.in/2010/12/16/10-steps-to-get-your-team-building-program-going/

Source: http://focusadventure.in/2010/12/16/10-steps-to-get-your-team-building-program-g
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  Rated 0 | Posted 30-01-2017

Thanks for sharing this info. it is really good for Every Hr professional.

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