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10 C HRM MOdel
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Posted 30-03-2009Reply


The field of HRM has been evolving ever since it came into existence in1970s. HRM experts have proposed many models to interpret explain and also advocate HR policies and practices in tune with specific ideology and philosophy. Among this new genre of models, Ten C model of HRM is regarded as all encompassing and a pragmatic model. Alan Price is the architect of this model who presented it in his book titled Human Resource Management in a Business Context, published in 1997. There are ten essential principles-the Ten Cs-in this model. These are:

1. Comprehensiveness. The HRM strategy of an organization must include all the aspects of people management, typically starting from recruitment to post separation programmes.

2. Credibility. The HR practices must build trust between staff and top management and encourage employees’ belief in HRM strategies.

3. Communication. The objectives of organization and that of HRM must be understood and accepted by all employees. The operating culture in organization must encourage openness and be free from all barriers.

4. Cost effectiveness. The reward and promotion system must be fair.

5. Creativity. The competitive advantage of the company must stem from its unique HR strategies.

6. Coherence. HRM activities and initiatives must from a meaningful whole.

7. Competence. HRM strategy will be crafted in such a way that organization becomes competent to achieve its objectives with the support of individual competencies.

8. Control. HRM policies and practices must ensure that performance of HR is consistent with business objectives.

9. Change. The basic premise of HRM strategy must be that continuous improvement and development is essential for survival.

10. Commitment. The last C Stresses upon that employee are to be motivated to achieve organizational goals.

Alan Price 10 C model is measurable at the organizational level and success of the model lies in the tension and balance between the ten Cs.

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  Rated 0 | Posted 31-03-2009

thanku for shareing

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  Rated 0 | Posted 31-03-2009

Very informative topic. Thanks for sharing it.


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