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Vinay Nair Male

T&D And Project Coordinator
Icon Associates
My goals
> Short term: I want to be a HR specialist and want to learn all the aspect related to this function.

> Long term: I want to do something towards development of the society.
I'm here to
  • Network with other HR professionals.
  • Improve my HR skills and knowledge.
  • Building business relationship
I can help with
> I can assist people by providing them the reqired information related to HR best to my knowledge.
> I can assist corporates in their Recruitment process by sourcing and providing the best talent available in the market at stipulated time frame.
Right now, I need help with
seeking a good job opportunity related to HR generalist post.
Career Expertise
Career Level
Fresher, Trainee, Intern, Executive
Career Skills
HR, Generalist, Orientation, Recruitment, Training, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management
Work Experience
May 2009 - Present
T&D And Project Coordinator
Icon Associates
Ahmedabad, GJ, India
2006 - 2008
MBA (HR), FIMS, Calicut University
Calicut, KL, India
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