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Umar Picture

Umar Rashid Male

HR Generalist
Coca Cola UAE & Oman
Abu Dhabi
My goals
Out in the wild we have the dinosaurs but listen very carefully, the goal is to be there, replace them, surpass their supremacy..Dream Bigger~~!!
I'm here to
  • Help other HR professionals.
  • Extricate and to get extricated at the times of distress. To gain stronger grip over the HR by sharing and discussing ideas related to present day HR challanges. Grab some bigger oppurtunities(every one can\'t be the top dog, aspirations and bigger dreams leads you to invade).
I can help with
any HR and Marketing related stuff
Career Expertise
Career Level
Career Skills
HR, Interviewing, Employee Relations, Generalist, Orientation, Staffing, Recruitment, Payroll, Training, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Labour Relations, Legal, Strategy, Personnel, Overseas Recruitment, Vendor Management, Industrial Relations - IR, SAP HR
Expertise by Industry
Expertise in Hiring for Departments
Recruiting, HR, Administration, Senior Managers, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance
Beverage Industry
Work Experience (Total: 2 years)
Jan 2010 - Present
HR Generalist
Coca Cola UAE & Oman
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2007 - 2009
MBA(HR & Marketing), IIPM New Delhi, IMI Belgium
New Delhi, DL, India
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