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Mr.Chanakya Jr. Male

No Work Experience Yet.
My goals
I am Looking for an OPENING , GENERALISTIC HR-Experience, CORPORATE-POLICY-MAKING, Procudure , Rules of Practice,PLANING,TRAINING,O.D,Factory / Company-Statutory -Legal-Health & Safety-ISO- COMPLIANCE etc ,
SELECTION,RECRUITMENT ,PAYROLL , COMPENSATION & Benefit , ADMIN-WELFARE--FACILITIES , ADMINISTRATION. Implemented- KPI,KRA,KAIZEN,Sigma etc , Labour -Audit, ISO-CERTIFICATION, with real time Legal Exposure and SPECIALISt in -LOW COST EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM & I.R-Activities Settlements etc..-- looking for an Senior / Middle--Level HR OPENING-URGENT -(Anywhere in India ).
Legal Field also
please inform me in this email id.
Thanks in Advance
I'm here to
  • Network with other HR professionals.
  • Improve my HR skills and knowledge.
  • Hire HR professionals.
  • Help other HR professionals.
  • I can give professional HR consultation for Corporate -ON Cost Effective Measure\\\'s for a Company and Point out where they are Committing Mistakes & Administrative MONEY-- LOSS and \\\"even predict their Company\\\'s survival Period -\\\"LIFE--SPAN\\\"-
I can help with
i can pin point the key Area in their Company as free service , further information they want from me on professional capacity only.
Right now, I need help with
I am URGENTLY Looking for SENIOR POSITION JOB Anywhere in NORTH / WEST / EAST- India Who CAN help me HERE. Best speedy . efficient Recruiter to find a Job Offer for me as early as Possible in Manufacturing , Automobile,Garments ,Cement , Power,Oil,Energy, Software , Institution , Pharmaceutical , Medicine , Hospital , Recruitment , real estate/Construction ,Immigration / Visa processing , Banking field etc..
My exposure in the field of Generalist HR, IR , WELFARE , COMPLIANCE of-STATUTORY-LEGAL , SAFETY , ISO etc, COMPENSATION & BENEFITS, Recruitment , Payroll , administration , Negotiation , Settlement , Agreement,Contract , MOU, Legal Dispute & Lawyer , etc........
Career Expertise
Career Level
Career Skills
HR, Interviewing, Employee Relations, Generalist, Staffing, Facilities, Recruitment, Payroll, Training, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Operations, Labour Relations, Legal, Compliance, Strategy, Personnel, Overseas Recruitment, Resource Management, Admin, Consultant, Industrial Relations - IR
Expertise by Industry
Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Education, Automobile, Export Import, Food, Publishing, Shipping, Textiles, Construction, Energy, Media - Magazines, Media - Newspapers, Real Estate, Banking and Finance
Expertise in Hiring for Departments
Recruiting, HR, Technology, Administration, Senior Managers, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Operations
Expertise in Hiring for IT Industry
Business Intelligence, Customer Service, Documentum, Knowledge Management
Work Experience
Looking for:
  • Learn New Technologies
I have developed Three Novelty highly demanded consumer product with me and i have applied for WIPO-Patent for that product and Looking for if any financial Partner to start a company out-side INDIA.ok
2000 - 2001
Post Graduate in Export Management, Indian Institute Of Management
, TN, India
1998 - 2000
Bangalore, KA, India
1996 - 1997
Post Graduate in Labour Welfare, Indian Institute Of Management
, TN, India
1996 - 1997
Post Graduate in Tax Laws, Indian Institute of Taxation
, KL, India
1992 - 1996
DEGREE IN LAW, Law Academy
, KA, India
1990 - 1991
Post Graduate in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, Rajendra Prasad Institute
, MH, India
1987 - 1990
History & Economics, BA
, KA, India
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