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Ramesh  .KS Picture

Ramesh .KS Somayaji Male

My goals
To enhance my skills in hr&admin and to see myself in a good position in hr & admin with in few years.
I'm here to
  • Network with other HR professionals.
  • Improve my HR skills and knowledge.
  • Help other HR professionals.
I can help with
details reg admin& hr topics.
Career Expertise
Career Level
Assistant Manager
Career Skills
HR, Interviewing, Employee Relations, Generalist, Orientation, Staffing, Facilities, Recruitment, Payroll, Performance Management, Operations, Labour Relations, Compliance, Strategy, Personnel, Vendor Management, Resource Management, Admin, Industrial Relations - IR, SAP HR
Expertise by Industry
Manufacturing, Food, Hospitality
Expertise in Hiring for Departments
Recruiting, HR, Administration, Senior Managers, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance
manufacturing& service industries., manufacturing& service industries(Facility & Hospitality Industries).
Work Experience (Total: 6 years)
Jan 2010 - Present
Hyderabad, AP, India
1999 - 2009
Bcom (vocational),DCA from BDPS,having a pg(MMM) from pondicherry univercity, completed practical accountancy course from ipa(institute of practical accountancy,SAP-HR from Reliance Global services,Pe, Ou,pondicherry Universityicfai
Hyderabad, AP, India
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