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Leutrell Osborne Sr Picture

Leutrell Osborne Sr Osborne Male

Leutrell Osborne & Associates
My goals
In my 4 yr exist plan we plan to assist ten (10) companies each year improving their administration, sales and security.
I'm here to
  • Network with other HR professionals.
  • Improve my HR skills and knowledge.
  • Hire HR professionals.
  • Help other HR professionals.
I can help with
offline administrative, sales and security support consulting services.
Career Expertise
Career Level
Senior Manager
Career Skills
Corporate Sales
Expertise by Industry
Expertise in Hiring for Departments
Expertise in Hiring for IT Industry
Business Intelligence
Work Experience (Total: 11 years)
1994 - Present
Leutrell Osborne & Associates
Annapolis, MD, United States
1994 - 2009
BS Poli Sci, The American University
Metro Washington, DC, United States
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