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Hany Shaker Male

Sineor Manger
My goals
My most importent goal is just to satisfy my self because it is true that you should be diplomatic but when it comes to originality i have slightly different perception, if i wont satisfy my self i cant satisfy the others who are assosiate with me whether the organization i am working in or my family,so is the most importent think that if you want to satisfy others who are some how your part that first of all try to make your self happy so that you can the others happy and work and contribute for them.
I'm here to
I'm here to
  • Improve my HR skills and knowledge.
I can help with
I can help with
My Knowledge,Hard work and by the ability to understand how i can get the needs of organization and making the efforts needs and of the organization.
Right now, I need help with
the organization i am applying into so that i can get a chance to show my skills and expertise
Career Expertise
Career Level
Career Skills
HR, Interviewing, Performance Management
Expertise by Industry
Expertise in Hiring for Departments
HR, Senior Managers
Expertise in Hiring for IT Industry
Work Experience (Total: 8 years)
2006 - Present
Sineor Manger
der, Al Ain, UAE
2010 - 2012
Excelent, MBA
der, Al Ain, UAE
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