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Amit Anand Male

Managing Director
Diverse Customer
My goals
At the helm of two successful & profitable enterprises.

Retained Executive Search leader with 20+ years experience in hiring c-suite with specialization in searching the world's best and most competent Diversity Leaders, Chief Diversity Officers and Diversity executives from Diversity Program Leads, Diversity Communications, and Marketing professionals, Diversity Policy Consultants, Diversity Advisory to the whole nine yards. I am an 🌈 Out & Equal Champion, Inclusive Design Thinker, Collaborative, a proponent of Inclusion & Equality and a multi-award winning Diversity champion at Diverse Customer, the official lens of Inclusion & Diversity covering the most updated and relevant work/ news/ actions in the I&D/ DEI areas across the globe.

Working on the development of BaRock's business expansion, plotting the company’s growth path internationally and designing luxury and handcrafted jewelry in precious metals & gemstones. BaRock Designs is a luxury Jewelry brand with stores in Dubai (Feb 2020) and Gurgaon (Delhi NCR).
I'm here to
  • Network with other HR professionals.
I can help with
Diversity Recruitment, Diversity, Inclusion, Hiring the World's Best & most Competent Diversity Professionals.
Right now, I need help with
Would like to network with HR/Talent Managers looking for diversity recruitment services and solutions
Career Expertise
Career Level
General Manager, Head, Vice President, Senior Vice President, C Level - CEO, CHO, etc.
Career Skills
HR, Interviewing, Employee Relations, Generalist, Orientation, Staffing, Recruitment, Training, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Operations, Strategy, Overseas Recruitment, Resource Management, Corporate Sales, Consultant
Expertise by Industry
IT - ITES - Internet, Export Import, Aviation, Tourism, Travel, Agriculture, Automobile, Telecom, Education, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Insurance, Hospitality, Government, Food, Jewellery, Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Media - Television, Media - Newspapers, Media - Music and Movies, Media - Magazines, Energy, Logistics, Construction, Textiles, Shipping, NGO - Non-Profit, Publishing, Banking and Finance
Expertise in Hiring for Departments
Recruiting, HR, Technology, Senior Managers, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Operations, C Level - CEO, COO, CTO, etc., Finance
Expertise in Hiring for IT Industry
Business Intelligence, Writing - Content, Knowledge Management, Journalism, Internet Research, Internet Marketing, Internet Advertising, Graphic Design, Customer Service, Writing - Copywriting
Senior Management professionals, Belonging, Influencer Marketing, Inclusion, Diversity, Inclusive Design, Interaction Design
Work Experience (Total: 25 years)
Jan 2018 - Present
Managing Director
Diverse Customer
, Greater London, UK
Year - Year
Computers, B.A.PGDCA
New Delhi, DL, India
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