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Amit Anand Male

Managing Director
Diverse Customer
My goals
I'm a multi-award winning Talent Head, Diversity & Belonging facilitator, having led global inclusion, recruitment & L&D campaigns for corporations, start-ups, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs & foundations.

A talented storyteller with the capability to capture audience interest through innovative ways in leveraging content to achieve brand goals.

With a network of over 30k leaders across the globe, I have access to a large network of influencers, allies, role models who head the creation & mobilization of D&I, Culture, 4IR, Emerging & Transformative Tech Artificial Intelligence in their respective organizations or in an individual capacity.

Out & Equal Champion.

I also:

*Lead the design, development, implementation, and evaluation efforts for all D&I training. Create primary content for Diversity Programs, Workshops, Modules, Diverse Marketing Campaigns, Online/ eLearning Tools, Surveys, DeBiased Content, Assessments, Website & Blogs etc. Braille Instruction Materials for professionals with Visual Impairments/ Visual Aid Material for hearing impairments etc. I weave diversity story into inclusive brands through global learning & development solutions, diversity marketing, breakthrough creatives & training materials & by communicating what elements make their diversity initiatives unique.

*Develop a content strategy, creation of editorial supporting stories, focusing on communicating with employees and customers that is consistent with brand value and is inclusive.

*Partner closely with the Heads of Diversity & Inclusion to understand the goals, develop a talent acquisition and diversity plan with a core focus on devising specific actions to ensure a build-up of a healthy diverse talent pipeline, retaining, engaging top diverse talent, aligning diversity & inclusion strategy with business strategy.

*Partnering with Talent Directors to improve organizational effectiveness with succession planning, diagnostic tools, people analytics & gap analysis.
I'm here to
  • Network with other HR professionals.
I can help with
Diversity Recruitment, Employer Branding, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Customer Branding, Inclusive Design, Interaction Design - WorkSpaces, Diversity Recruitment, People and Culture
Right now, I need help with
Would like to network with HR/Talent Managers looking for diversity recruitment services and solutions
Career Expertise
Career Level
General Manager, Head, Vice President, Senior Vice President, C Level - CEO, CHO, etc.
Career Skills
HR, Interviewing, Employee Relations, Generalist, Orientation, Staffing, Recruitment, Training, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Operations, Strategy, Overseas Recruitment, Resource Management, Corporate Sales, Consultant
Expertise by Industry
IT - ITES - Internet, Export Import, Aviation, Tourism, Travel, Agriculture, Automobile, Telecom, Education, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Insurance, Hospitality, Government, Food, Jewellery, Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Media - Television, Media - Newspapers, Media - Music and Movies, Media - Magazines, Energy, Logistics, Construction, Textiles, Shipping, NGO - Non-Profit, Publishing, Banking and Finance
Expertise in Hiring for Departments
Recruiting, HR, Technology, Senior Managers, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Operations, C Level - CEO, COO, CTO, etc., Finance
Expertise in Hiring for IT Industry
Business Intelligence, Writing - Content, Knowledge Management, Journalism, Internet Research, Internet Marketing, Internet Advertising, Graphic Design, Customer Service, Writing - Copywriting
Senior Management professionals, Belonging, Influencer Marketing, Inclusion, Diversity, Inclusive Design, Interaction Design
Work Experience (Total: 20 years)
Jan 2018 - Present
Managing Director
Diverse Customer
, Greater London, UK
Year - Year
Computers, B.A.PGDCA
New Delhi, DL, India
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