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Vishal 06-10-2018  
me too.. many years
Joyce 11-09-2010  
Actually ya i want to do Master studies, from some known Institution.....the prob is that i got low score in MHCET this yr.....
Joyce 08-09-2010  
SIMSR ? where is it located
Joyce 07-09-2010  
Hey hi, can you help me out what ur profile in CRY......,and where have you done your MBA?
Vishal 07-07-2010  
im doing good. dont login to hrlink too often
Vishal 16-03-2010  
im into the Corporate HR Team @ Lodha Group
Vishal 16-03-2010  
yes Rahul. I have been in most of the meets
Prabhakar 07-11-2009  
Hi Rahul, Currently i am taking care of Pan India hiring for HCL comnet for the UNIX track. Lemme know about urself. Regards, Prabhakar
Nithya 07-09-2009  
u can contact me at Mail me ur requiremnts, i ll see if i can help u.
Nithya 07-09-2009  
I dont ve a yahoo id
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Rahul Hrm

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HR Coordinator
Mumbai, MH

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