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Five skills and a sixth sense

Views 71 Views    Comments 4 Comments    Share Share    Posted by Arsha 20-09-2008  
What B-schools teach is `minds-on` management, through the use of `tools, techniques, and models`. What you need further is `hands-on`, that is, the skills to apply rather than merely know, says Sanjay Tiwari in `The (un) Common Sense of Management` from Response Books (www.indiasage.com) .

"Formal management education today has become so knowledge-intensive that it is becoming skill-insensitive," rues the author. The remedy he prescribes is a `holistic` view where there are `five skills and a sixth sense`.

The five skills that Tiwari discusses are about money, logic, creativity, time, and people. Begin with the easiest, the logic skills. "Knowing the `why` behind the `what` brings in a lot more clarity in our thought process," reasons the author, as the logic behind learning logic skills. As a by-product of the `why think` you would become aware of `hidden presumptions and prejudices`.

A chapter devoted to `creative skills` explains how creativity lends `flexibility` to our thinking `to see beyond the obvious`. Time skills are about planning and keeping. "Planning for time requires the ability to look ahead in time and anticipate likely events," elaborates Tiwari. "Keeping time requires the ability to manage tasks, activities, and resources in a way that they happen as `smoothly` and `timely` as planned." Ready takeaways are techniques such as `zone of concern` and `prioritising activities` that the author suggests.

The least intrinsic of the five skills are the money skills. Yet, these are the most important. The author speaks about entrepreneurial and profit-making skills as relevant to money. Good sense of money, according to the author, is all about "developing a sense of knowing which opportunities are worth investing in, what returns to expect, and how to manage in a cost-effective way so that the cost of making money is less than the money made."

The fifth and the most intricate and intrinsic are the people skills, comprising both interpersonal and team skills. "A leader`s goal is to develop people in such a way that they can perform in his/her presence as well as in absence," says Tiwari.

The sixth sense is about intuition, judgment, and insights. A key indicator of the sixth sense is balance, between work and personal life. For, "wisdom lies more in being sensible than being intelligent."

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Ramakrishna Varma 20-09-2008
Great pick Arsha! Thanks for sharing.

Money, logic, creativity, time, people, and balance --> key skills to become successful in life.

Can we start a discussion topic for all members of the HR Networking Association:

What do you think are the 5 key skills to become successful in the HR Career?
Seetaramaraju 20-09-2008
arsha it is a good article.can you differentiate a hr manager according to his area .what are skills hr manager required.
Srinivas 30-09-2008
Hi Ramakrishna,

The key Skills to become good HR: Time (Quick turn around), Decision making, Networking, Multi Task, Listening and Communicating.

Let me know your views.

-Srinivas Hari
Ramakrishna Varma 30-09-2008
Thanks Srinivas!

Here is the link to HR specific discussion on the 5 Key Skills, started by Arsha
5 Key Skills to become Successful in the HR Career


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