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HR Executive / Officer for Fortis Hospitals

Fortis Hospitals Ltd, Bangalore 38 Yrs
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Job Duties:

Employees Status, Payroll and Salary
* To maintain all the record for the employee in the organization working at present and had been working earlier.

* To maintain the attendance of all the employees in the organization on day to day basis.

* To ensure that the attendance, leave and overtime is updated in the records manually or computer on daily basis.

* To prepare the salary statement in regards to the no. of days of working and paid leaves. The said ready report for the statement for the salary should be forwarded to the accounts department for preparation of the cheque for the salary.

* To maintain the status of leaves record of all the employees in the organization.

Shift Planning, Management, & Monitoring
* To plan the proper shifts management and monitor compliance by the staff.

* To formulate the ROTA duty roaster for of nurses (vide directive of nursing superintendent), technicians (vide directive of hospital administrators I/c of department).

* To monitor the compliance of the efficient, management & implementation of the planned ROTA.

Discipline & Conduct of Employees
* To ensure proper discipline and conduct of the employees in the organization.

* To ensure discipline and punctuality in the staff, in regards to the working times, overtimes and leave. In case, any deviation it should be reported to the superior for the same.

* To assist and when directed, conduct the disciplinary action, the misconduct, default or irregularity of any employees.

Human Resource Development and Planning (This will be in coordination with the HR department-H.O.)
* To develop procedures and policies to promote employee stabilization.

* To establish and maintain programs of wage and salary administration and employee benefit.

* To help in order to establish employees budgetary control.

* To conduct an organized and scientific appraisal programs for the staff, in order to maintain morale of the staff.

* To plan and conduct a proper on job training program of the staff in association with concerned departments.

* To formulate human resource development plan for the employees in the organization in association with other department.

* A proper orientation and hospital induction program of new employees should be planned and conducted as a part of HD. (The said program is locally other than corporate Induction Program)

* A proper scientific manpower planning for the organization for present and future requirement should be conducted and forwarded to HO for approval.

* To assist the management in the complete process of recruitment.

* To generate and forward the information system in management (ISM) related to the personnel department on weekly basis, as specified by administration from time to time.

* The HR department shall exercise line authority only over employees in HR department.

* The final authority for applying sound personnel policies rest with the company.

Additional Details
3-8 Years
Posted On:
1st Nov 2010
Career Level
Career Skills
Compensation and Benefits
Labour Relations
Performance Management
Employee Relations
Vendor Management
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