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Recruiters Rock!

Comments 1 Comments   Views 20 Views     About 28-05-2009

Recruiters are an engaging, energetic, jump-in-the-air-and-scream bunch of professionals.

If you are not connected to a good recruiter, you are missing out. I talk to recruiters, I subscribe to recruiter blogs, I have recruiters in my LinkedIn network, and I follow recruiters on Twitter.

Recruiters have my attention. I am flying right outside their orbit and I am close enough to feel their vibe.

The best recruiters are always learning. They are current. They utilize technology to its fullest. They bring passion to what they do. They are authentic, energetic, and collaborative. They bring out the best in others and their word is their bond.

There are many ways HR professionals can benefit from a recruiter connection and, that aside, the top reason reason why I connect with recruiters is because they give me a charge. They are extroversion in action, positive, and continually in the game. Their ideas make me think and their initiatives expand my comfort zone. They make me laugh.

Need a lift? Connect with a recruiter and prepare to be amazed. 

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Bhagwan 25-04-2011  
Its a basic practice.

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