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HR News » Is Working from Home Really Right for You?
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Is Working from Home Really Right for You?

Comments 25 Comments   Views 382 Views     About 27-02-2013

Almost everyone dreams of working from home: sitting at your computer in your PJs, listening to music and grabbing a break whenever you want to without worrying about what the boss might think.

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Priya 25-06-2013  
Working from Home is ideally not advisable. because People are not focused in their work. Output is Less , You wont be able to grow Interpersonal skill as well.
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Sireesha 07-05-2013  
It should be given to those in emergencies, people will not be focused in their work and in turn effects the employee productivity
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Swati 13-03-2013  
WFH is not at a fancy and should be given in case of need only.. Like for expecting or current mothers and for illnesses which make person immobile but not brain-dead. For instance, when children are small, mothers will want to work from home and once they are off to school then there is no way any mother/father would want sit at home. If your employee has had an accident but can still work then why force him to come to office or take leave for the whole time he is physically recovering.
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Bhagwan 11-03-2013  
very true...
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Bhagwan 03-03-2013  
very nice..

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