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HR News » Is Working from Home Really Right for You?
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Is Working from Home Really Right for You?

Comments 21 Comments   Views 351 Views     About 27-02-2013

Almost everyone dreams of working from home: sitting at your computer in your PJs, listening to music and grabbing a break whenever you want to without worrying about what the boss might think.

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Kawal 16-06-2016  
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Pankaj 05-12-2015  
It depends on kind of role and business need
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Tanveer 29-10-2015  
Working from home is suitable for women and badly disabled men. Working in office is suitable for growing men and women in his or her career
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Vibhavari 20-10-2015  
Work from home is better option but working in office will be the best option , It adds to discipline . Also it cannot be team activity .
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Anisha 16-04-2015  
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Rakhee 12-03-2015  
I think work from home is truly the best way for Indian women who can manage easily without sacrificing their career,ya its not at absolute professional way of working but most of aspects are in positive sides
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Kahkashan 14-01-2015  
it has come up as a success mantra for many who find it difficult to go all the way to office by traveling long distances, leaving behind many responsibilities which are unfulfilled due to time factor.... especially for ladies . When one is happy & contended in personal life productivity automatically rises..... So I am in support of WFH. But periodic reviews should also be done .....
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Mahesh 09-01-2015  
sitting at home and working really good and feel amazing where we don`t feel bore n disturbance n with a peace of mind we can easily complete the given task.
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Stella 01-10-2014  
WFH might be flexible and can be easy to carry out home work and office work at a stretch. But if one wants to get expertise about a specific job fully, i don`t think WFH can provide its best. We can`t learn new things like exposure so and so. To upgrade once level or to learn new things related to job WFH will not be suitable.
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Mabu 28-12-2013  
The best way is working from the office only

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