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HR News » A Job Fair Analysis
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A Job Fair Analysis

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Last week, I took a few hours out of my schedule to go to a local job fair that I had seen advertised in my newspaper. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect because:

There was no list anywhere on what companies would be at the job fair
The only contact information I could find out about the event was for the venue where it would be held, and they didn’t have any details beyond the name of the job fair and the location
The newspaper that was sponsoring the job fair had not advertised the job fair for the three days before (!) it was happening, or on the day of the job fair (!!)
I have a natural aversion to job fairs (which I will explain some other time)

Regardless, I decided that at the very least, it would make an interesting blog post. Oh, the things I do for you.

I arrived at the civic center where the job fair was to be held, resume copies, portfolio and business cards at the ready. After signing in and receiving a complimentary event tote with a small water bottle and pen, I walked on to the convention floor to see hundreds of people wandering through several aisles of booths, while three simultaneous job hunting seminars were fighting for an audience in the corner of the room.

What I found most interesting about the employers is that all of the booths that I spoke with (excluding the military) were referring job seekers to their websites rather than taking applications or resumes at the job fair. In fact, several representatives did not even know what positions they had open at their companies. At least half of the booths offered no indication of what industries the companies were in – and these were local companies, not larger corporations.

That is to say nothing of the other attendees. While a polo with slacks could be passable for such an event, the results for those who showed up with multiple face and body piercings, large visible tattoos and in shorts and t-shirts were probably less than stellar. Then again, they also had no idea what companies would be there.

Almost every representative who knew what positions were open at their company was looking for either IT or medical people (except for the military). As a result, few of those looking for a job even had an opportunity to be told to go online to apply.

But hey, at least we all got a free tote bag.

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