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HR Forum Replies by Mr.Chanakya Jr.

Dear Kartheka,
will you inform me a salary break up for an employee who is monthly salary was fixed as Rs.60,000/- per month, if you inform me will be a great help for me .
my email id / or you can contact and inform me 08148047470
looking forward to hear from you
Replied to "Labour law acts" in Conflict & Labour Management!!
Beat suggestion is to By BARE ACT of each Law . and Commentary of it.

If you are seeking only law knowledge it is Okay but practical point of View consult a Professional Lawyer okay , of you need any urgent matters , you can contact me , I will help you legally
send your problems to my email id okay

Dear Suneel ,
I want to invite your attention to some area of this website . People are Vested interest , only for personal gain , lack of Stage fraightness , Lack of guts to address an issue openly or feerness of address a mass / public , due to lack of confidence in thier ability / on thier views thats is the main reason of silence here. I have done a small attempt here to know the attitude of its members ok . See if you find my Articles -- I have Touched Humourus , sexy , Funny , Untold sexual Harassment to ladys in Company , Liquor , recruitment by consultants defects , etc. All general HR topic , but viewers are very chossey in reading article. If i write an articles titled 10 Sins or Weakness OF an Interviewer in a Selection ? or How to put a NEW O.D technic for company by your own ? then i will get more viewers here. what it shows .
"FACE IS AN INDEX OF YOUR HEART ". India now become land of POLITICIANS , so don't adopt a political mind in HR.
In india HR IS Un -organised field and most people are Egoistic about thier HR , India is India . Made in India , why Indian HR don't have an Indian Technic INSTEAD of opting for KAIZEN --From Japan ? Maxlaws Theory , Jermey Bentham , etc India we don't have any such ADMINISTRATION system in our Histroy , please read Mr:Chanakya's "ARTHASHASTRA" .
Aamandi bahoo nara.
take care.
If you know other HR site where i can get good deabting or discussion forum ? please inform me
Thanks alot
Dear Mr. Suneel ,
First of thanks for your reply. The First paragraph of your reply , i can understand to some extent Ok. Justified. The Second para: i am not fully agreed with your views becuase , CONTROVERSY -- here all most all the Articles are related to HR only . What is the Use of sharing a View ? Disscussion between people ? what is the meaning of Brain storming suession's outcome ? My view is that , Unless you share / discuss with other ---Important ( Same Wave-length people ) people to get FEEDBACK on your views right.

But here freedom of expression of professional aspact is not treated as Controvercy . Being a HR SPECILIST , I feel most of the members are using this website as a NEWS BORAD / NEWS okay . I can justify this comment . if you do a study here that . WHICH ARTICLE has most number of viewer's here ? and Note that TOPIC'S ? and its relevancey to HR--FILED , then you can understand about my expression okay.
See i thought of entering this webiste for disscusing NEW HR initiatives and finding to excel the filed . and above all my intention of publishing a book for foreign edition on HR need some indian concept , thats all .
Every year colleages are producing MBA -HR will make the HR filed like this. THATS ALL ,
thanks for your expression.
Take care
Many many thanks for your reply , My intention of crating a brst out of Brst salary slip for a employees who's Monthly salary is 1 Lakh okay.
what the other head's you CAN ADD in your given reply , and save maximum Tax cut ? Please inform me . i will wait for your reply
I am having free lance recuiting for US firm and have enough experience in all field and then shifted to Immigration line okay. But i want to know What type of Job catagory / Vcancey you have with you ? Pleae inform those details to me , with your contact mobile number for further communication okay then i will decide okay.
send details to my email id
Replied to "Salary structure " in Compensation and Benefits!!
Dear ,
will you inform me the EXACT contention of quiries raised by the bengal P.F--department to your company SHOULD BE intimated to me , for solution ok. If you follow the MANDATORY PF-Employer and Employee Contribution to the PF on 15th of every month on priscribed forms and catagorey , then Nothying to Worry ok
I can help you if you inform the exact problem from PF-Department to you ?
Replied to "DRINK WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH" in General Awareness!!
I have a small doubts from my Allopathic knowledge on Human Anatomy , if you take too much of water will make , you are giving TOO MUCH work load to your Kidney / organs , Remember we can't get replacements of organs , The above article is a good one and it will improve your bodily conditions Surely , main thing is to each one has to Judge their own body conditions by themselfs .then no problem.
it s nice Healthy and usefull article :HEALTH IS WELATH for an HR "
Thanks for your reply first ok.
according to me there is no specific formula for Basic wage (above minimum wages act) DA, HRA,CONV and other allowance okay you can change according to your choice. But i am Looking from you , that What are each Deduction head in Percentage for an Employee as well as an Employer's alary slip okay please provide your knowledge here as your reply ok Thanks in advance

my intention is to prepare a Best Salary slip for an Employee & Employer By saving maximum Money from deduction within the limit of complying statutory deduction in it thats all .
Dear Accquaintee ,
Thanks for your reply I will inform you but now its so premature to reveal that okay , so please wait for some more response to come okay
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