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Replied to "I am job less" in Job Seekers!!
Hi Puja,

Send u r profile to this mail id once. and mark Cc to

Hi Kalavathi,

I must really thank and appreciate u r effort for sharing such a very good post..
i really request all our HR friends to share this post and aware of such guys who cheats the organization.
As a HR guys u need to be aware of this kinds...

Replied to "Business Development Manager" in Job Descriptions!!
Hi Pooja,
I have a reference for you.. but the salary may be a constraint... is that 30K a limit for u..?
chk out once..

For more updates on this one pls chk below link..
Hi Maha,

Here is the difference b/w the two....

Once you got the information that a particular / Group of employees involved in any indiscipline activity then framing all the charges under the Model / certified standing orders applicable to the organization the charge sheet will be issued asking the individual employee to submit his explanation with in 48 hrs / 2days / 3 days etc., hence the process starts with Charge sheet.
Once the management is not satisfied with the explanation of the employee then they can call for a Domestic enquiry, once the enquiry is completed and the enquiry submitted his findings to the management and basing on the report submitted / finindings of the enquiry officer's the management will issue Show cause notice to the employee mentioning the proposed punishment, even if it is a major / capital punishment the management will issue a second show cause notice also giving more opportunity to the employee. Hence all put together the charge sheet is the beginning and followed (if required only) show cause notice.

Hope it's clarified..

Hi Sudha,

Thanks for your reference, am unable to open this profile here, can u pls send it to

Replied to "URGENT OPENING IN JUBLEE HILLS" in Hyderabad!!

Whats the experience level r u looking for..?
Hi Shmala,

Can u tell me the location also..
Replied to "Need help in preparing NDA(Urgent)" in Forms!!
Hi Saujanya,

Have a look at the attachment once.

Replied to "Help" in Training!!
HI Maya,

As per my knowledge it's better that u can go for SAP HR, the market is very good and the opportunities will be more, even the challenges will be more.
As for proplesoft considered u can fine less companies using this and less opportunities too..

My best suggestion would be SAP HR...
All the Best.

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