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HR Forum Replies by Nimali Champika

though I want to go home with a free mind, some days, it is impossible. I know this is a problem not only suffered by me, but 1000 of others. It is simple to say leave your office work at office. but that happens when u r more attached to work. that is not correct, i know, but its a matter of self control and emotional intelligent.
Hi all,

It is very interesting to see your thoughts even after a long time.

Can I come up with a different scenario?

I can bravely say if I didnt change my jobs frequently, one job per year ( you can see my carrier history) I will not definitely develop up to the position today I am in.

In my 1st company, I had few things to do like mapping competencies for workers in construction. moreover, I was very upset that I didnt see a sense of working. Thats why I resigned from there. Though my parents resisted, I simply resigned.

In my next company, I did a good job. But, as many other Sri Lankan companies, that was a personal Management oriented company. Expectations of the ownership from HR and our expectations didnt match. Within that limitation, I laid the foundation but, I was only allowed to build up a small house there, not a castle.

If my blood is asking for new things, new parameters, new developments in Hr, why should I stagnate in a personal department? If I do so, then it will be the worsted insult I do to my education I got freely from my mother country. Could any interviewer say that my resignation is wrong?

Next organization I joined was semi- government one. I joined with it cos, there was a nice restructuring going on at the time. It was challenging and encouraging with the blessings of the Chairman. But as many of political based organizations, Chairman was transferred to another organization and all the developmental plans became 'never happens dreams'. If that situation is like that, should I waste my valuable time for 'nothing'?

After that move, I found my dream company, which had all the resources, blessings from the top to do whatever Hr / organizational development I could do. But I can say, If I didnt change my job frequently and at the right time, if i waited for the sake of the salary / for the sake of the length of the service period, I would never gain the experience I got from different organizational cultures, from dealing with different personalities and more, all the companies I worked were not systematic. I had to design systems for them. Thats exposure can be never taken if I worked only for one company or two.

Since I got all the arms with me to design, develop and improve a manual system into a highly technological system, I could develop Alliance Finance HR upto a certain level. Apart from the past experience I got from different jobs, knowledge I gathered from internet and literature review brought an invaluable value addition to my career.

If supported my top mgt, now I am in a position to develop HR even in to a shared service center / centralized HR division for a diversified group.

Is it fair from an interviewer to look at the number of years I have spent in one company and decide that I am a flying bird from one tree to other.

A person's retention who is having an inherent desire for developments, depends on several factors.

1. Management support to develop the existing system to a well developed system.
2. Retention strategies of the company. ( top talent mgt strategies and succession planning)
3. Unbias decisions
4. willingness of the Management to go forward towards a goal.

As you all dont know what I have developed and my value addition to the last company I worked, you will not have an idea whether my argument is correct or wrong. But some of you may have similar experience or better. Love to see them.


Dear Neil/ Vinod,

" Selecting talent should not be based upon what people have done but upon what they have not yet realized they can do. " I totally agree with your statement. But what happens in this company is, the Management thinks that they can develop employees knowledge and Management skills, if they are match with the company culture and thinking pattern. 'Selected Top tented' employees are averge performers. But the Management thinks that they will take the burden if the supervisor of the 'top talent' leaves the company.

The real dilemma is, the Management doesn't try to retain the new talented blood comes to the company. they get a short term gain from those employees and let them go, cos they misinterpret the time taken to adjust some one to an organization as these new talented employees are not either trust worthy or committed.

this is a very strange scenario. what the Management is saying that, ' we dont value how much you work or how you work, but your attitudes and how you think about the company. ' there is a mismatch. the result is, good new employees are leaving while the ' old top talent' remain in the company. true. they take burden when the others leave, but the disaster is, no new development occurred in the company, cos these employees dont know what developments means, they know only the routine works.

Dear all,

Thank you all for your valuable contribution.

What do you think if we ask "Is there any special reason for you to leave your current company like discipline or disagreement with the immediate boss?" instead of asking the ordinary "Why do you leave your company?"

What do you think friends?

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Dear Shiva,

Answer is simple. "No"

Thank you friends,

very happy to c your replies. Will reply later, when I have time to breath..

Thank you again

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Dear Friend,

thank you so much.

Some times we wonder about what are we doing in our companies, We wonder why we join with it and waste our time very much. Some times it may be a long suffering regret.

But, After I read your story I understood why I have spent my time in my previous organizations. I am preparing for the flying, with beautiful wings. Time required for the preparation, yes you are correct. When we look at the past, we can see how god have made us such beautiful with some procedural struggles.


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Dear Sudar,

If you are a clerk, English will not be a big issue to you. If you are a Manager, then English will become an issue to you. When you go up to the career ladder, English will become more and more important. But if you are really worth than the language, It you are talented in your own field than English, then English will not be an issue any more. And finally, if you are an owner, then you will not have to bother about your language any more. Cos secretaries do whatever job you want to do.

Your story inspired me a lot dear. Thanks

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