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Dear All,
Thanks for your response to this topic
Dear Nandkishore,
Good Morning & Wish you Happy New Year.
If you read this posting carefully you will find that this is for Counselors.
Also please note that am not in recruitment industry as of now.
Am with venture capitalist company, where i handle vocational education business.
As we had no profiles at that period of time for your brother @ our clients at recruitment company i was not able to help.
Also i had forwarded that profile to few of my contacts & due to hectic schedules was unable to followup the same.
Warm Regards,
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Dear Ramakrishna,
Wish you a Very Happy Birth Day n Very Happy New Year
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Hay that's gr8!!!!!!!!!
Do u have similar table for Navi Mumbai?
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Really nice one.
keep it up.
Dear RK,
I appreciate HR- Link initiative .
Thanks & Regards,
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Dear Namrata,
Sorry for delay.
Pls find details about the question that you have asked.

This is a good and tough interview question, and the answer would almost always trigger a more specific follow-up question, asking 'why?', and then probing the reasons for the choice. From the interviewer's standpoint, the question is open and vague, which for certain purposes is a good thing. If the question is intended to elicit meaningful information about the interviewee's career plans, then some timescale should be attached (ie 'what would be your ideal job in 3/5/10 years time?')
The question exposes interviewees who seek only personal gratification ('outputs') from a role (money, status, esteem, excitement, glamour, security, etc) rather than seeking opportunities to make best possible use of their effort, skills and experience, in contributing to the performance/quality/results of the organisation for which the role is performed ('inputs').
The question is a potential trap for people who are more concerned with what they get out of a job rather than what they put into it. Employers do not really want to recruit gratification-orientated people. These people are generally not self-starting nor self-motivating.
The question also gives indications as to how realistically the interviewee sees themselves. Some people visualise highly fanciful and unrealistic jobs, which is a warning sign to a potential employer. Others visualise jobs that are clearly remote from the job being applied for, which indicates that some falsification or delusion is present.

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